08/15/23 | Minor Update - Bounty Hunting

Hey there, everyone!

After a bit of trial and tribulation, we were finally able to get our latest minor content patch (which included the introduction of Forthos Dungeon) through and have resultingly opened up the new Beta Bounties for our beta testing stage! For more information regarding the bounties themselves, please click here! For those who’d rather save themselves the click and skim a general synopsis: a new voluntary system has been implemented that will invite beta testers to explore through specific pieces of content for bug hunting, or just provide their general feedback of the experience, and it will reward them credits in turn which will be claimable on server launch and transfer into donation store credits! Minor, but one of the few ways we’d wanted to potentially provide direction for those who might prefer it and also show our appreciation for the time invested by our community thus far.

We didn't really have a better image for this post. Awkward, we know.

Besides that, there’s not a whole lot more to share today. We’re going to continue working hard and have one mighty heavy hitter of a proper beta patch note coming soon. It… very well might be our largest to date. As always, for those interested in joining the community, if even just to stop by and say hello and dip your toes in, please feel free to click the button at the bottom of this post for an invite to our Discord; there’s many good things still to come!


Neox Staff