08/14/23 | Minor Update - Beta Progress and Bounties

Hey there, everyone!

How was your weekend? Ours? Ahh, well firstly, thank you for asking; ours went quite well! Alongside spending it wrestling with the absolute slipperiest, most shamelessly oiled up of tournament systems, we’ve finally gotten a firm foundation down on a fairly interesting addition to our beta. Starting tomorrow, we’re going to be running a bounty system that will allow for beta testers to partake in that’ll earn them credits that can be cashed in on come launch! More about that though can be read here!

Is it weird to include a picture of text within a block of text? Hmm.

As for the tournament system? Well, those of you who’ve been on the beta have probably come to experience it for being a pretty enjoyable piece of content (aside from that rather unfortunate air strike incident, but we don’t talk about that). We’re going to have to spend a little time thinking of the best way to add it as a natural event within the community, but that’ll be a challenge for tomorrow… or maybe the next day.

All that being said, we want to continue inviting anyone who has interest in joining the beta and, starting tomorrow, take part in the bounty hunting to come, to do so by clicking on the button at the bottom of this post.

Thanks (and hope to see you there)!

Neox Staff