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Hey there, everyone! As our beta continues forward, we’ve been thinking of more and more ways to both organically incentivize activity within, but also to give a sense of direction to those who might feel a bit more comfortable with a bit of guidance on what needs testing. With this in mind, we’ve decided to introduce the Beta Bounty system as a way to cover both! Throughout this Knowledge Base entry, we’ll outline exactly what this system is, how it works, how to enroll, and anything else that might be necessary!

Ultimately, our goal is to introduce a little bit more structure to our beta in a way that’s entirely optional to opt in. We’re not going to be strong-arming anyone to partake in this system, however we’re hoping the bounty rewards themselves are incentive enough for beta testers to involve themselves! Anywho, without further adu, let’s get started…


Neox Staff

Bounty System Overview

Accessed solely through our Official Discord, the Beta Bounty system has been implemented with the intention of giving optional guidance and incentive for members of the beta testing team to focus on specific content. Each bounty will be accommodated with a bounty value for each discovery throughout the specified content, and a rough duration for which the bounty will be available. Members who discover bugs throughout the specified piece of content, or simply partake and provide their feedback on the experience, will be rewarded the designated bounty accordingly (though repeatedly for bug discoveries) in the form of Credits, which will be accumulated throughout the beta and then convert to Donation Store credits upon the official release of the server. The bounties themselves are entirely optional and all parameters will be specified within the bounty itself.

Beta Bounties | How Do They Work?

If you see a bounty you’re interested, the only thing you have to do to participate is log into the server, explore through the content specified within the bounty, and report any discoveries! We’ll also be introducing a new optional Discord role tag for members who wish to be notified when a bounty has been posted so that they may partake. The idea behind the bounty system is to encourage player activity within content we’re going to be pushing all throughout the beta phase, so even if a specific bounty doesn’t happen to appeal to you, there’s going to be plenty more that might just catch your eye! Going through the content, should any kind of oddities appear, or things not working as they should, or you just happen to have general feedback through the experience, simply create a post within the #beta-feedback section of the Discord, outline your discoveries accordingly, and tag it with the “Bounty” tag. A member of staff will review, reply, and allocate any earned credits accordingly.

Credits themselves are saved in a database through the back end of Discord. A member may view their current credit balance by typing “/coins” and following through with the prompts. Alternatively, typing “/richest” will print a list of the members with the highest current bounty collections. Once the server has left the beta phase and we launch officially, all accumulated credits will be converted to their approximate value in Donation Shop currency and may be spent accordingly.

Beta Bounties | How Do I Join?

Joining is as simple as being a Beta Tester for Neox! In doing so, you’re automatically eligible to partake within the Beta Bounties and can begin collecting credits for participation immediately. For those of you who’ve not yet joined the Discord or applied, please feel free to do so! We’re growing exponentially with each passing day and couldn’t be any more thrilled. To join, simply click click here, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button there.

For those who’ve not yet applied, it’s as simple as going to the channel titled #beta-applications after you’ve gained the Neox Member role and filling out an application. We’re quite quick to respond, so following the creation of an application and filling out the format, simply hang tight and wait for a response!

For members who’ve already acquired the Beta Tester role and wish to be directly notified of when a new bounty has been posted, we’ll be introducing a new rank that can be voluntarily obtained within the #beta-bounty-board as the first post; simply react to the image and you’ll be given a rank that will be notified with each new bounty!

This will also be pinned within the section for easier access!

Beta Bounties | F.A.Q

How do I report bugs or give feedback on behalf of the bounty?

Once you’ve been approved as a Beta Tester, or if you are already, use the #beta-feedback section for all posts.

How do you decide what's being put up as a bounty?

Bounties will typically be focused on new content within the server, but might occasionally revisit older stuff that may have been updated.

How often will bounties be posted?

There is no fixed schedule! They’ll be posted as necessary.

How do I get notified of new bounties?

Simply check the #beta-bounty-board channel and react to the post at the very top… or check the pins!

How do I claim credits?

There’s no need, as they’ll be handled by members of staff! As a bounty hunter, all you’ll have to do is report bugs and provide feedback and we’ll take care of the rest.