08/11/23 | Minor Update - A Minor Quality of Life Improvement

Hey there, everyone!

Firstly, hopefully everyone’s been enjoying their week and has lined themselves up something even slightly noteworthy for the weekend! And hey, if not? Well, you could always come play the Neox beta and at the very least be among friends! For this week’s final post, we’ve a couple of things to report, though nothing of the outmost exciting nature. Come next week though? It’s going to get a little crazy, so definitely stay tuned! Firstly, Nex has been further progressed to the point where we’ve begun introducing achievements surrounding the upcoming boss alongside implementing the correct means of accessing the boss!

Of course, no boss would be complete without a custom title surrounding the task of opening the very door to them!

Also, to save the very arduous process of having to buy massive stacks of anything, we’ve now modified the shop interface to allow for a “buy-x” option! Squirrel, you may now rejoice (and to everyone else who perhaps found out that removing stacks of tridents will reset its charges, or getting one as a monthly task completion award resets its charges, or really just looking at it a little funny will reset its charges), for this will become available with our next update!

That’s it for us for now. Thanks to everyone currently involved directly within our project, and to those keeping an ever intrigued eye (ps, feel free to join our Discord, it’s quite nice there)! As always, for those wanting to join, please click the button at the bottom of the post and you’ll be taken right to it; hope to see you there some day! Until then, enjoy your weekend, and we’ll have our next update come Monday.


Neox Staff