08/10/23 | Minor Update - A Heaping Helping

Hey there, everyone!

Today… well, it’s mostly been a big, heaping helping of more of the same. Keeping up to date with the most recent version of both the osrs cache and with Runelite can be a bit tricky at times, or so we’re very much being humbled in the lesson of. We’d been running into a bit of client issues that were causing members to crash in various ways (suuuper fun trying to open your map and having the entire client freeze you out), but ended up rooting out all of the issues in that regard and have since patched up the holes! We’re continuing to grind along on some pretty exciting upcoming stuff alongside tending to the stream of feedback and bug reports from our ever admirable beta testers and more than anything very much keeping busy! Besides that, it’s been a relatively peaceful sort of day as we further dull our chisels on the obsidian of Neox’s construct and continue to push forward to our official release!

On the topic of content release, we’re just tying the final bit of bow on Sarachnis and the dungeon to which she resides, so do stay tuned if there just so happens to be the “smashing of a very large, very mean, 8 legged broodmother” ever poignantly scrawled on your agenda.

Nothing but the BIS gear for this particular mission.

For those interested, we’ll be continuing to recruit anyone who’d like to contribute beta tester up until an undecided time next week. If you’d like to join the team and the ranks, please stop by our Discord and fill out an application. The team is growing quite quickly and is nearly over 100 people now. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception of our quaint project thus far, so a big thanks to everyone who’s shown interest and supported us thus far.


Neox Staff