09/12/23 | Minor Update - Continuing Development

Hey there, everyone!

With the release date having been made public yesterday, we’ve really begun honing in on the last few things on our major task list! The list itself is quite long, so there’s not a whole lot in going over everything that would be found on it, however here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to today!

A bit of an accomplishment Discord reface!

The accomplishment system that will connect the server and Discord in printing unique member achievements has received a little bit of a rework and some polish on the displays. Now, icons will be used to represent member account settings, as well as a little bit more clarity in the accomplishments themselves. In the future, we’ll look to implement a Hall of Fame and automate the process in which members who accomplish a specific set of achievements for the first time will be memorialized within the channel itself! Super cool things to come in that regard.

A little quality of life improvement!

With some of the feedback we’d received regarding the unique skilling item additions within Neox, we’d wanted to introduce a system that would fluidly allow members to transfer one set of items into another. The conversion rate itself is still tentative, however the foundation for the system itself has been implemented and we’re really curious to eventually pull some data from that! For example, what might the most popularly consumed item end up being? Only time will tell.

Slayer rewards have now been corrected.

During testing, we’d discovered numerous slayer rewards weren’t functioning as intended. We’ve since gone through and tested each of them individually and have corrected any outliers or added ones that just outright weren’t working whatsoever. Slayer junkies, rejoice!

That’s it for now. As we continue to draw closer to the release, we’ll make sure to keep everyone informed of what we’ll be working on and how the timeline is proceeding. Be sure to stay tuned for a proper patch rundown later this week!


Neox Staff