09/11/23 | Minor Update - The Release Date

Hey there, everyone!

After much deliberation, our release date has been set! On September 30th (on a time yet to be announced), Neox will be officially released as a public server and members will be able to log into a fresh world and begin their adventure! We’ve been working on Neox for the better part of half a year now, so we’re very excited to finally be able to share this specific announcement… and to eventually, share our project.

Leading up to the big release, there will be some shifts in the way we’re managing the beta. The day following this post, the beta applications themselves will be closed and we will no longer be accepting new ones. We’ll look to continue the current beta format up until 17th, where we’ll then open the flood gates and allow players access to a large variety of fun commands and free item access! That period of testing will last the throughout the week, where we’ll continue to polish off the last remaining bugs, receive feedback, and report any new issues that might need to be ironed out! On the 23rd, we will officially close the beta down, and that week before launch will be used to apply all of the finishing touches and begin our promotional period.

More information regarding the launch and everything surrounding to come. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of the project thus far.


Neox Staff