08/17/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Nex, Forthos, and Fixes

Hey there, everyone, sorry for the wait for these patch notes! Admittedly, it seems to be a running trend, but we’ve been so exceptionally busy and… well, no excuses, we’ll try to keep them a bit more frequent from now on. Within this post, we’ll be outlining all of the changes made within the server over the last little while, alongside roughly touching on some of the new content that’s been introduced as well: Nex, a new endgame boss; Forthos Dungeon, a pitstop with a formidable guardian; a PVP tournament system, which we’ll be looking to implement a little more down the road. Throughout the next while, we’ll be running an assortment of beta bounties touching down on these content areas, alongside the numerous other ones we’ve been touching on (though more to come in that regard at a later date).

A lot of this last while was spent fixing the countless bugs being procured through the beta period, so for those interested in a quick rundown of everything that’s been modified, please scroll to the bottom of the page for a TL;DR rundown of this patch’s contents. For those who’re open to the scenic route? Well, keep reading, and we’ll give you the best kind of view.

As a minor reminder, as of the posting of this patch notes update, we’re still accepting and actively seeking to bolster the Beta Tester ranks. For those interested, please join our Community Discord and apply through the appropriate channels. It is a requirement to be an approved beta tester before participating in the bounty system.


Neox Staff

Forthos Dungeon

Forthos Dungeon is an ancient underground temple found beneath the Forthos Ruin in Hosidius. Monsters here range from mid to high combat levels and can be accessed using the staircase within the Ruin itself (as seen below). This dungeon’s primary features are access to grubby keys and their respective chests, the dungeon overseer, Sarachnis, and a variety of different monsters. It is advised that players bring suitable combat gear before entering these long forgotten tunnels as many a challenge lays ahead.


Forthos Dungeon | Grubby Chests

The Grubby Chest found within the Forthos Dungeon is accessed by lockpicking the gate in front of it (which required 57 thieving), and then consumes Grubby Keys upon use. These keys can be found as drops by the different monsters within the dungeon and then used on the chest in turn for a vast variety of different supplies including food, potions, runes, and herbs; for this reason, this chest is often sought after by early level ironmen for access to Restore Potions and Saradomin Brews.

A totally fair and balanced hunter claiming what's rightfully theirs.

Once a key has been dropped and claimed by the player, they are then able to head back to the Grubby Door, picklock their way through it (assuming they have the prerequisite thieving level requirement), and then claim the contents within the chest!


The Grubby Chest loot table contains the same items as within the original game, however we’ll be adding the chance of a unique custom title unlock in our next patch!

Forthos Dungeon | Sarachnis

What would a dungeon be without a big baddie found at the very end? Much to the common trope of the final boss at the end, Sarachnis is no exception. This spiteful, 8 legged brood mother isn’t too keen on people entering her lair and she’ll make that abundantly clear the moment you step forward. This moderately challenging boss fight will include being comfortable switching prayer times, alongside bringing strong gear and consumables! For a full fight strategy and breakdown of her mechanics, Click Here.

We're going to need a really big newspaper...

Nex, The Imprisoned

Imprisoned within the Ancient Prison beneath the God Wars Dungeon, Nex is one of Zaros’ most powerful followers. She is merciless, relentless, and will provide an exceptional challenge to even the most well traveled of players. In turn, for those bold enough to stand to the challenge, and strong enough to prevail? There’s an assortment of good items to be collected. However, access to this boss in specific has a couple of requirements that in their own stand as trials.

I wonder what's behind here!

Accessing Nex

The only way to gain access to Nex is to assemble the Frozen Key, an item constructed by drops given by the generals and bodyguards of the four warring factions: General Graardor, K’ril Trutsaroth, Commander Zilyana, and Kree’arra; a challenger will also need no less than 70 hitpoints, ranged, strength, and agility to reach Nex (none of which may be boosted). This boss can be challenged by up to 60 members at once, so it is advised to bring reliable friends.



You know, all things considered, that wasn't so hard.

Once all four of the keyholders have been defeated, our challenger can assemble the frozen key, make their way through towards Nex’s prison, and then collect the required ancient essence, or make use of the Ecumenical Key to pass through the portal. As for what’s behind? Well… some things are better left a surprise. It is advised, however, that players bring their absolute best ranged weaponry, defensive potions, and maybe a friend or two… or twenty.

It is worth nothing that the frozen door needs only be unlocked a single time and can afterwards be passed through freely, however the Ancient Essence offering or consumption of a Ecumenical Key will be necessary for each passage through the portal.

Upcoming Neox Tournament System

After quite a bit of experimenting, we’re finally beginning to implement a tournament system which will allow for both automated and manually run community events where members will be able to voluntarily participate for a prize pool! There will be more information to come in the near future within the Knowledge Base surrounding this major upcoming piece of content, however for now we’ll provide a general summary and gloss over some of the features.

The tournament system is designed in a way to allow for custom parameters to be set for particular fights (as experienced within the community with an air strike, shrimp only battle that had the minor oversight of making everyone’s hitpoints also 99… again, sorry for that), but will otherwise follow an automated rotation of predesignated setups such as pure fights, zerker fight, and even tribriding. We’re, at the very foundation, not a PVP focused server, however we believe having outlets such as this one can really add a bit of flavor into the overall gameplay experience. The features listed below will come with the full implementation of this system:

• Tournaments will be held in an automated fashion, adhering to a schedule that will randomize the templates of the stats, equipped items, and inventories of the players involved.

The templates themselves will be manually set by members of staff and we’ll hold community votes for introducing new formats. These may also be manually set for unique tournaments held by members of the staff team.

• Players will not lose anything upon participating within these tournaments; though they should expect to have their inventories, equipped items, and stats modified for the tournament parameters.

Once the tournament had concluded or the participant has been eliminated, all of their original settings will return back to the way they were.

• Full spectator implementation will allow for viewers to have complete control of their perspective.

Utilizing WASD for navigation and granting mouse control, spectators will be able to move freely around during the fight to see every little graphic detail.

• Prize pools being both automated will allocate the buy-in amount being pooled and split amidst the top 3 positions within the tournament.

This will also allow for staff members holding custom tournaments to set unique rewards or prize pools for members to compete for.

The tournament system is intended to be a fun way for members to blow off some steam, as well as the perfect battleground for us to have ultimatums decided by the ever timeless and definitive nature of battle to the death! As mentioned, we’ll elaborate further and outline the machinations of this system at a later time, but for now… keep an eye open as we’ve been testing this system out throughout the beta at all kinds of random times and anyone who’s nearby is more than welcome to partake!

Patch Summary

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Official Discord! Once again, and as usual, we’d like to thank all of the beta testers for making this possible. Without the time you’ve invested into our project and the incredible feedback, we wouldn’t be nearly as far along as we currently are, so thank you for everything you’ve done for us so far. Anywho, without further ado, the patch summary:



  • Added the Forthos Dungeon
    • Includes a new boss: Sarachnis, new monsters, a new loot chest, and the ability to burn dragons for prayer experience.
    • There are no new tasks or achievements for this content yet, they will be added in the next major update.
  • Added a new boss fight: Nex
    • To fight Nex, you must first unlock her ancient prison. To do that, gather four key pieces from each of the four God Wars dungeon generals.
    • The key pieces are guaranteed drops from the generals. Once you’ve obtained all pieces, assemble them to create the frozen key, which can then be used to permanently unlock the Frozen Door in the Southeast section of the God Wars dungeon. Doing this will also unlock a new title.
    • Nex drops pieces of damaged Torva armour, which must be repaired using Bandosian components to be usable. You can obtain Bandosian components by breaking down Bandos armour at the Ancient forge located within the Ancient prison.
    • Nex drops the ancient hilt, which can be attached to create the Ancient godsword. This new Godsword has a powerful special attack.
    • Nex drops Nihil horn, which can be used alongside 250 Nihil shards to upgrade the Armadyl crossbow to a Zaryte crossbow, which has a passive effect that increases the effect of enchanted bolts by 10%.
    • Nihil shards can be obtained from Nex herself or from the other monsters in the Ancient prison. They can be ground into dust in order to create a new potion, the Ancient brew, which boosts Magic and restores prayer at the cost of draining Attack, Strength and Defence.
    • Finally, Nex also drops the Zaryte vambraces, best-in-slot offensive ranged gloves.
    • Nex is quite a difficult boss fight, so we’re not expecting anyone to fight her at this stage of the beta! Don’t feel pressured.
    • There are 15 new tasks, 1 new achievement and 3 new titles relating to Nex.
  • Added a PvP tournament system. This system is not enabled at all times, we will be using it in the future to host community events!
  • Added a system that allows entities to “crawl”. Crawling entities move one tile every other game tick. Currently, only blood reavers found in the Ancient prison use this system.
  • Added support for NPCs to use “force movement”. This is the type of movement players perform when traversing agility obstacles, for example. Nex utilizes this functionality for her Smoke dash attack.
  • Added a buy-X right-click option to the omni shop interface. This is the interface style used for the shops found in the home area.
  • The Decaying Trunk near the deranged archaeologist can now be traversed. Be wary!
  • Added a teleport to the Lumbridge Swamp cave.


  • Picking up items off the floor with a full, open looting bag containing a stackable item of the same type will now function as expected.
  • Attempting to slash a web with a sharp item in your inventory will now work, instead of requiring you to equip the item.
  • Attempting to create a Kraken instance without the required amount of coins will now properly inform the player about what the price is. It’s 25,000 coins.
  • Gnomes now correctly drop bones when slain.
  • Players will now automatically continue to pick up flax, wheat, onions, potatoes, cabbages and nettles.
  • Swamp crabs now drop mort myre fungus.
  • Burthrope soldiers now have a drop table.
  • It is now possible to make bread dough with jugs and bowls of water, rather than just buckets.
  • Players can now use the Yanille climbing rocks shortcut.
  • Added two more stray dogs spawns to Varrock, and reduced the wandering range of the existing spawn. Pet them!
  • Attempting to chop the Dramen tree will now inform the player that they should complete the Lumbridge Tourist achievement to obtain a Dramen staff instead.
  • The Deranged Archaeologist now performs special attacks similar to the Crazy archaeologist.
  • Attempting to chop the thick vines in Fossil Island without an axe will now inform the player that they need an axe to do that.
  • The handholds shortcut in Lizardman Canyon now works correctly.
  • The “Cook” option found on the permanent fire object near barbarian village now works as expected.
  • Planting seeds and saplings is now 1 tick faster and cannot be canceled before the action is completed.
  • Holding the Ctrl key when issuing a move command with run turned off will now cause players to run to the destination.
  • Catching minnows no longer progresses tasks that require you to catch fish in the fishing guild.
  • The report a player and report a bug buttons now link to the relevant channels in our Discord server.
  • Changed the Rellekka, Taverley and Brimhaven portal teleport icons to teletab items.
  • Ultimate Ironmen can no longer send items to the bank through the task and achievement reward interface, which would cause those items to be lost to them forever.
  • The ‘Help’ option on Wilderness emblems now opens the knowledge base entry for Wilderness emblems.
  • All enchant jewellery spells will now repeat automatically as long as you have more items of the same type to enchant, and enough runes.
  • The Fence shortcut in Weiss can now be used.
  • Changed the “Catch 100,000 minnows” task to be Master tier, rather than Elite.
  • Changed the “Catch 3,000 fish in the Fishing Guild” task to be Master tier, rather than Elite.
  • Mining from the concentrated runite rock now counts towards the “Mine 50 Runite ore without leaving the Wilderness” task.


  • Changed the icon used in challenge notifications to not overlap with the Support rank icon.
  • Iban’s staff now correctly requires 50 Attack and 50 Magic to equip.
  • Fixed the ‘Catch 50 sharks in Rellekka’ task being completable anywhere.
  • Fixed an issue causing every timed boss kill to be considered a new personal best.
  • Corrected the Edgeville teleport to actually say Edgeville, instead of Edville.
  • Air battlestaves no longer require level 66 Crafting in order to be equipped.
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong option to sometimes be activated when using the teleport interface.
  • Clue scrolls that require you to speak to Charlie will now progress correctly when talking to him, rather than requiring you to use the clue scroll on him.
  • Fixed the Beaver pet looking like a forester. That was weird.
  • Fixed an issue causing chat icons such as ironman icons or youtuber icons not displaying correctly for some players.
  • The buy-50 option in the regular shop interface has been properly restored.
  • Fixed a bug that caused esc to not close interfaces as expected and the search function in the teleport interface to be locked.
  • Fixed the passive prayer restoration effect from high tier wilderness emblems not functioning in Spindel, Artio and Calvar’ion instances.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed multiple players to receive maximum scaled drops from Venenatis and Callisto.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to still be considered in a pvp area when going directly from one of the multi-combat Wilderness bosses lairs to outside the Wilderness.
  • Fixed the boss charge multiplier not applying correctly to Callisto and Venenatis.
  • 1, 2, and 3 charge versions of the Amulet of glory can now be traded.
  • Fixed some issues with waterfiends. They will now correctly use both Ranged and Magic attacks.
  • The Magic door in the Entrana dungeon now works correctly. Be careful, it will take you to the wilderness!
  • Fixed an issue preventing karambwans from being combo-eaten correctly.
  • Attempting to enter the shed in Lumbridge swamp with a Lunar staff equipped will now correctly send players to Zanaris.
  • Fixed snape grass creating regular compost instead of super compost.
  • Fixed the stepping stone shortcut in the Hosidius area not working correctly.
  • Fixed Oak, Maple, Yew and Magic trees leaving behind incorrect stump objects.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause other players to appear to be permanently interacting with other entities.
  • Fixed the “Pick some Flax in Seers’ Village” not completing correctly.
  • Fixed the Ardougne stile shortcut not working correctly.
  • Bonus XP lamps no longer set incorrect placeholders when withdrawn from the bank.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause challenges to not progress if the player had two challenges requiring the same task to be completed and then completed one of them.
  • Toxic blowpipes will now revert back to a tradeable state when unloaded and uncharged.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the allotment, flower and herb patches in Hosidius from working correctly.
  • Fixed developer messages not being restricted in beta worlds.
  • Fixed the “Kill an Earth Warrior in Edgeville dungeon” task not completing correctly.
  • Fixed the “Collect 5 Red spiders’ eggs in Edgeville dungeon” task not completing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing fake XP drops to not appear.
  • Fixed an issue causing implings in Puro-Puro to only fly on tiles that had wheat growing on them.
  • The Zamorak God Wars instance portal is no longer invisible.
  • NPCs casting blood spells will no longer cause errors preventing the cast from fully completing.
  • Fixed an issue causing the boss health bar interface to not fade out smoothly.
  • Fixed an incorrect impling spawn location causing them to spawn stuck inside a tree and remain imprisoned there forever.


  • We’ve not removed anything this patch! Stay tuned though!