08/18/23 | Minor Update - The Gears Keep Spinning

Hey there, everyone!

We’ll keep it short and sweet this time around! Following the big patch from yesterday, which can be read by clicking here, we’re sort of shifting our focus in a way that’s going to put the spotlight and production gears back into motion on the ever so moderately custom content. For starters, we’ve begun cooking up a whole round of news tasks and achievements for the Morytania area (of which the completion will have a very welcomed affect among the infamous brothers of the hills), and we’ll be looking to implement them quite soon! Following? Well, we’d hate to ruin the surprise.

Don't forget to bring your shovel.

On a very impressive note, we’ve finally had our very first raids completion on the beta, and to add a little more prestige and recognition to the accomplishment, it was finished completely solo by a community member simply known as Nicholas. To you, you absolute chad, a round of applause from us. To the rest of our beta testers? A mighty thanks for the effort you continue to put in and we look forward to each and every beautiful morning we get to wake up and see your lovely faces.

We wish everyone the best of weekends, and will see you again for the next update post come Monday.


Neox Staff