12/22/23 | Patch Notes - A Neox Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Neox is finally celebrating its very first Christmas! My, they grow up so quickly. With this cozy seasonal update, our island has once again been decorated to better set the holiday spirit alongside the introduction of a passive holiday event, and we’ll be touching base on the shop overhaul as those high demand changes will also be coming in with this patch!

Find something soft to snuggle up with, make yourself up a cup of hot chocolate, and let’s get ready to dig into all the upcoming changes within our humble world through this merry update.

Ho, ho, ho!

Neox Staff

Neox Christmas

What would Christmas be without a little snow, some festive decorations, and a familiar figure in dire need of wrapping paper? Within this update, members will be able to explore through the new home, just as Santa’s elves have decorated it, and partake in a new seasonal event to help Santa meet his quota and unlock some unique cosmetics while they’re at it! In this section, we’ll go over some of the home changes, as well as outline the seasonal event for our very first Christmas as a community!

Christmas Island

Santa’s elves have been busy overhauling the island in preparation for his arrival, and members will soon discover they didn’t hold back! Neox island has undergone some drastic seasonal changes, with the inhabitants in tow, and will be sporting this lovely new look until the clock strikes midnight (UTC) on the 6th of January (which also subsequently happens to be the final date for the event, but we’ll get into that in just a bit…), where it will once again magically return to form! Hopefully you’ve got warm clothing, Neoxians, it appears to be a chilly one!

On a slightly unrelated note, in the process of developing this new home, we’ve actually drastically improved upon our ability to customize and implement map changes as a whole… which is something we might very much look to utilize when implementing future content!


Christmas Event

As it turns out, Santa isn’t always the most prepared! This year, he’s in dire need of wrapping paper and it’s up to the Neox community to supply him! Of course, nothing worth doing is done for free, so he’s offering up unique cosmetics and a mystery box loaded up with Christmas goodies in exchange for our support. For the event this year, members will be able to passively earn wrapping paper by completing all kinds of various activities throughout the world, which they can then exchange with Santa for goods!


After redeeming their wrapping paper as it’s collected throughout the world, members can then trade Santa in exchange for all kinds of goodies including pieces of his outfit, along with the new seasonal mystery box loaded up with all kinds of additional cosmetics.


Members will have until the clock strikes midnight UTC on January 6th to gather as much loot as they can! Once that time comes, Santa and his elves will be leaving the island and everything will return back to normal.

Shop Overhaul and New Items

When we’d originally released the shop and the items within, it was a design we were exceptionally apprehensive about. The identity of Neox is one we value quite deeply, that being of one where the time a member invests into their account is one that’s deservedly rewarded. With a shop’s design, it can truly dictate what sort of community you’re going to foster, so with that consideration, we’d wanted to approach it delicately and not in a way that left an overly bitter taste with its contents. After quite a lot of community feedback and an equally extensive internal discussion, we’d come to the conclusion that the general consensus was the shop was underwhelming and could use improvements. Within this patch, we’re introducing changes across the board for the current items in their values, alongside introducing a rather large handful of new items that we believe work to retain that very same identity.

Our biggest focus when approaching this overhaul was to introduce items that targeted specific areas that had repeated suggestions for QOL (such as a farming teleportation access), alongside targeting ones of pain points (such as those of the Sherlock’s Notes). We’ll do our best to outline the more key items, but this won’t specifically be a media heavy section as there’s not much we’re able to pull from for media until the patch goes live. With that in mind, we’ll instead opt to touch on what members can expect and highlight some of the more interesting items and their functionalities!

New Items

Arguably, the largest request we’d gotten for means to improve upon the donation shop is the expansion of available boosters; so, among the several other new items we’re introducing that will serve a more utility oriented purpose, we’re introducing several new different boosters that will become available following this update. The boosters, their purpose, and their acquisition methods are as follows:

Account Boosters
- Drop Rate Booster

Boosts rare item drop rates by 20% for 30 minutes.

Acquired from: Challenge Boxes, Donation Shop
- Pet Rate Booster

Boosts the chance of getting pets by 20% for 30 minutes.

Acquired from: Challenge Boxes, Donation Shop
- Raid Point Booster

Boosts points earned in raids by 25% for 30 minutes.

Acquired from: Challenge Boxes, Donation Shop
- Experience Booster

Boosts experience gained by 50% for 30 minutes.

Acquired from: Challenge Boxes, Donation Shop
- Clue Boost

Grants the following effects: 20% higher chance of receiving clue scrolls; 50% chance to double found clue scrolls; clue scrolls required 1 fewer step to complete.

Acquired from: Challenge Boxes, Donation Shop

We will be monitoring the impact of these boosters quite carefully over the next short while and making any modifications to their rates as deemed necessary.

Utility Items

Aside from boosters, we’re also introducing several unique new utility items that members will be able to acquire and put to use throughout their travels of Neox! The newly upcoming utility items, their functionality, and their acquisition methods are as follows:

- Farming Book

Allows members to quickly navigate through available farming patches and teleport directly to them.

Acquired from: Donation Shop
- Extra Pockets

A permanent upgrade to a member’s Resource Bag (persists, even on bag loss and replacement), that increases its storage by +10kgs. This item is consumed upon use, however 5 may be used on a member’s Resource Bag for a total of +50kgs of capacity.

Acquired from: Donation Shop
- Seed Box

Functionality is exactly similar to that of the original game. Check the OSRS Wiki for more information.

Acquired from: Donation Shop
- Telekinetic Trinket

May be toggled to automatically pick up items dropped by monsters under two conditions: 1) It is an item that can go into the Resource Bag and you have the Resource Bag with you and open, in which case it will automatically deposit the item inside the bag; 2) It is a currency item (coins, tokkul, revenant either), in which case it will place the item in your inventory. Additionally, it allows members to pick items up off the floor without having to walk on top of them, assuming you are within 12 tiles of the item and have line of sight to it (quite useful for safespotting without having to run out of your spot!).

Acquired from: Donation Shop
- Crystal of Memories

Upon teleportation, this crystal will remember the location you’d teleported from and may be used to quickly return. 5 minute cooldown, which is further reduced by donation tier. Some restrictions apply, such as instanced areas not being stored within the crystal’s memory.

Acquired from: Trailblazer Achievement Reward

When coming up with these items, we’d wanted to form them in a way that gave them a unique identity and purpose. We’ll be looking to gauge member interest and interaction with these items and will use what we find for the potential expansion and introduction of new items down the road.

Shop Overhaul

Although we’re introducing quite a few new items of a unique nature, we’re also bringing in items that members might just recognize… and this is where things can get a little touchy. The biggest point of contention when the discussion arises for monetization integrity is pretty fairly obvious, and that’s basically to decide on where a healthy and fair place is to draw a line in the sand for what can make the cut and what doesn’t. We’ve struggled for quite a long time with this, acknowledging that we don’t want to completely throwaway and undermine our identity as a project, but we also want there to be some incentive for donating in a way that feels both relatively organic and rewarding for those interested in supporting us: enter the full circle dilemma, or in other words… sand, meet line.

Within this update, members will find endgame untradables such as both fire capes and infernal capes introduced into the donation shop (although acquisition though this route won’t unlock their related titles), utility items like the resource transport (which we still believe people are absolutely sleeping on), alongside consumables of varied nature (like ecunemical keys, alchemist’s keys, etc), and drastic improvements made to the item range within the mystery box. There’s a deep consideration in place for these items when it comes to ironman accounts, so they will have drastically limited access to item availability within the donation shop, alongside the mystery box improvements. We’ve also gone through and drastically modified the prices of all items to make those of a higher consumption more appropriately and fairly priced; Sherlock’s Notes enjoyers… rejoice!

It’s our hope that with these changes, credits as a whole will feel more impactful and the store will seem more appealing in a fashion that feels fair. As always, we’re more than open to discussing these changes a bit more indepth with the community throughhout the feedback threads, so any and all member input is deeply welcomed within the Suggestions section of our Discord.

Patch Summary

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, we wish you the merriest of the merry and hope you’re able to spend and enjoy your time in whichever way you’d most prefer. For those who don’t, we wish you the happiest of holidays! To you both? May the Neox RNG gods bless your Vorkath luck in wrapping up those collection log finals and help to unlock those last couple of pets you’re after in whichever skill refuses to drop them. Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • The Neox Island has received a makeover to bring it more in line with the holiday spirit!
  • A new event involving the passive collection of a new currency in exchange for items with Santa has also been introduced.
  • Added a task for completing the Fight Caves and one for completing the Inferno. More tasks for these pieces of content, and other Karamja content, will be added in the future.
    • Added the ‘TzHaar-[name]’ title, unlocked by completing the Fight Caves.
    • Added the ‘Infernal [name]’ and the ‘TzKal-[name]’ titles, unlocked by completing the Inferno. These titles are unique in that they changed the color of the player’s name!
  • Added a new “Trailblazer” achievement, which members can complete to unlock the Crystal of Memories!


  • There wasn’t much improved upon within this update!


  • Fixed a bug causing the Herbi pet to be unlocked by non-Herbiboar Hunter activities.


  • Nothing was removed within this patch!