12/15/23 | Minor Update - Infernal Challenge

Hey there, everyone!

Within this patch, we’ll look to introduce the Infernal Challenge system, alongside some more changes to the D&Ds to improve the overall experience. We’ve also modified the tournament timers to prevent then from overlapping with one another, so there’ll no longer be the need to choose which one you want to attend!

We’ll outline everything changed within this patch during the following notes, so without further adu, let’s get started!

Neox Staff

Infernal Challenge

With the introduction of this new side minigame, members will be able to challenge any specified level of the Infernal utilizing different presets, or alternatively bring in their own setup. In order to access this new challenge, members will be able to venture towards the normal start of the Infernal Minigame (whose entry requirement of a firecape to the area we’ve now removed), and will be able to interact with TzHaar-Ket-Keh to bring up a unique interface; alternatively, we’ve also introduced a new teleport to the Neox Portal that will place you right there!


Clicking on the practice option with TzHaar-Ket-Keh will open up an interface will members will be able to select their wave start, their gear preset (including bringing in their own currently equipped items), and the number of Jads they’d like to spawn (a little addition we’d added for the fun it).

It’s worth noting that members who wish to use a preset will not be able to bring items with them and will be required to deposit them before selecting one!

8 Jads might be a bit of a challenge... perhaps enough that there's a title for it!

After a selection has been made, members will be able to select “Start” and will be transported to their set level and be able to begin! In the event of those who are feeling up to the challenge, the infamous triple Jad of level 68 can be increased to 8 Jads simultaneously… for funsies, of course! Members capable of conquering this specific challenge will be rewarded with a unique title.

Patch Summary

This patch is a bit of an intermissionary one. We’d originally wanted to group this together with the upcoming shop changes, but since it’s been finished and was able to be paired with a fair few numbers of D&D updates, we figured it’d be best to push it through sooner rather than later. Regarding the shop overhaul, we’ll be timing it and the Christmas update to happen on the same day!

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • The Neox Island teleport portal now has teleports to Mor Ul Rek and the Inferno.
    • A Fire cape is no longer required to access the inner section of Mor Ul Rek.
  • Added a new title for member to unlock after completing the “Wave 68, 8 Jads” challenge.


  • In order to avoid overlapping with D&Ds, the countdown for regularly scheduled tournaments will now begin at 15 minutes past the hour, rather than on the hour. This means tournaments will now start 30 minutes past the hour, rather than 15.
  • Increased the Celestial ring’s hidden Mining level boost to +7, up from +5.
  • Increased the Celestial ring’s chance to mine double core ores from 12% to 25%.
  • Updated the Celestial ring’s examine text to be more descriptive of its actual effects.
  • Successfully mining stardust from a crashed star now grants additional base Mining experience equal to half your Mining level.
  • Increased the base Hunter experience reward for each impling caught during the Impling Outbreak D&D from 200 to 250.
  • Increased the chance of Dragon and Lucky impling spawns during the Impling Outbreak D&D.
  • Reduced the chance of Gourmet, Earth, Essence, Eclectic and Nature impling spawns during the Impling Outbreak D&D.


  • Further reduced the drop rate of the Tome of Water from the Fish Whirlpool D&D.
  • Reduced the duration of the Fish Whirlpool D&D to 15 minutes, down from 20.
  • Increased the frequency at which Sliske heals the Barrows Brothers during the Barrows arise D&D from every 5 game ticks to every 2 game ticks.
  • Incinerating a mined ore with an Infernal pickaxe will no longer cause your character to stop mining if the rock was not depleted.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes allow players to stay on a spellbook they haven’t yet unlocked after a tournament.


  • We didn’t remove anything this patch!