01/18/24 | Minor Update - Presets Overhaul

Hey there, Neoxians!

After a fair bit of time in the production tank, we’re finally able to release the presets overhaul! Within this patch, we’ll outline some of the newfound functionality within the interface, a couple of interesting tricks to make those skilling EHPs even tighter, and touch base on some of the fixes and improvements that are sneaking their way in alongside. As always, for a thorough breakdown of everything found within this patch, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

Neox Staff

Presets Overhaul

When we were conceptualizing what improvements to make to the interface, there was a ton of discussion surrounding just about every facet. In short, we landed on “how can we improve this pretty frequently used interface as a whole?” and through some pretty indepth conversation and a fair ton of community suggestions, we landed on what we believe is a pretty decent spot. Using the interface now, members will be met with visual indicators for item/listing adjustments and repositions, a ton of new configuration settings, improved clarity in usability, and just a whole ton of other across the board improvements.

Look at all those things being dragged around!

Most notably, member will now be able to click on a configuration menu found in the top-right that will allow for a whole ton of unique settings regarding preset functionality to be toggled! For those interested, here’s a list of all newly introduced configuration settings and their purpose:

The newly introduced configuration settings include the toggling of keyboard settings for quick navigation; placeholder toggling for when the preset involved pulls items from the bank and will leave an item placeholder behind; the toggle for the ability to drag around the preset listings and reorder them; automatic food replacement if your preset attempts to pull food you’re otherwise out of; a potion replacement option for the same functionality as the food one; a warning toggle for when you might be overwriting a saved preset; an option to automatically close the interface once a preset has been loaded; a toggle to enable the “preset” option of the bank interaction to automatically load your last preset (more on this a little bit later!); and a soon to be favorite for the skilling crowd, the toggle to automatically fill item containers with their respective contents on load (so think the essence pouch being automatically filled with essence if you have a runecrafting preset).

Tips and Tricks

Within this section, we’ll outline a couple of tips and tricks that members might be able to make use of that we’d come up with as we were making the overhaul to the presets! On that note, we’re also super curious to seeing what sort of new strategies for usage members will come up with and share with the community! With us leading though, as it’s only fair that we show you ours before you show us yours, here’s a couple of quick straties for some super efficient skilling:


If you’ve plenty of logs to fletch and want to do it with as few clicks as possible, here’s the fastest way to quickly reload your inventory with a fresh batch of logs for carving: First, set your inventory up with the correct logs (in this case we’ll be doing magic logs), and be sure to include a knife! Then, open the preset manager, save it as a preset, and then set that preset to your default by right-clicking on it within the listing and clicking “set as default). Afterwards, go into the configuration menu by clicking the gear in the top-right and select “‘Presets’ option loads default preset’”, then exit out of the interface. If you’ve set everything up correctly, each time you select “presets” from the banker, your inventory will be replenished with a healthy new set of logs whilst your freshly carved goods will be automatically deposited.

To undo this, open your bank and click on the “Preset Manager” option in the top-right, right next to the exit menu button!


This one is going to involve a little more preparation and access to a couple of different items to work as effectively as possible. For one, members will need to pick up both the Essence Pouch from the Skilling shop, alongside having completed the “Trailblazer” achievement to have access to the Crystal of Memories. Once those two specific items have been acquired, we can begin setting up for a super efficient way of doing runecrafting! First, you’ll want to make a preset using whatever armor you have (though ideally graceful would be best to compensate for the running).

With that preset organized and saved, you’ll want to right-click it and set it to the default. Then, go into the configuration menu in the top-right of the interface and toggle on “‘Presets’ option loads default preset” as well as “Fill item containers on load”. Afterwards, exit out of the interface and right-click the banker and select “presets” to automatically load up your Runecrafting setup and fill the essence pouch. Remember, this will only work as long as you have a healthy supple of essence, so be sure to stock up (and also crush some of those essence related achievements).

Woah, so quick! This setup will instantly load your equipment and fill your essence pouch and inventory.

Alright, now here’s where things can get a little technical… so deep breath aaand…: with that in place, you can now teleport over to the Ourania altar, run through it to the very end using whichever route you prefer, interact with the altar to convert all of the essence in your inventory and pouch, teleport home through the magic book, right-click the banker, select “presets” to deposit your runes and replace all of your essence and outfit, use the Crystal of Memories to teleport back, craft again, and then teleport home again! Depending on your donation rank, this technique might be a bit limited and will only work when your Crystal of Memories if off cooldown. Alright, now for a little clip to kind of showcase what this method looks like… because that was a little long winded…

And just top up at the Pool of Life as necessary! Before anyone gets to judgmental, there’s of course ways to even further improve upon the efficiency, but we’re simply laying down the canvas and handing over the brush to the community!

Patch Summary

With the release of this patch, the next patch receiving notes like this will be that of Prifddinas and all its surrounding content. We’re so close to being able to release it in its entirety and we can’t wait to share it. Before though, we’ll be doing a closed beta testing cycle to make sure everything in functioning as intended, however will be releasing a little more information on that soon!

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • The new preset interface has been introduced this patch!
  • Patchy can now create double eye patches by combining left and right eye patches together.


  • Death’s office is now considered a safe area, meaning dying inside it will not cause you to lose any items. (We learned this in an interesting way with Zalcano upcoming, haha.)
  • It is now possible to throw fishing explosives at the Kraken’s whirlpool, causing it and all of its tentacles to surface.
  • Demonic gorillas now mark their target as having been attacked when they use their boulder attack, in order to prevent other gorillas from interrupting the fight.
  • Demonic gorillas are no longer aggressive.
  • Significantly reduced the time it takes to apply a bucket of compost to a farming patch.
  • Mining a crashed star in the Wilderness now grants 50 base emblem charge, up from 1.
  • Callisto’s ranged attack no longer deals 50% damage through protection prayers. Instead, Protect from Ranged is fully effective against Callisto’s ranged damage.
  • All max cape variants now have the effect of the Farming skill cape: causes you to harvest one additional produce per action.
  • All max cape variants now have the effect of the Runecrafting skill cape: increases essence pouch capacity by +10.
  • The Varrock Noble and Ruler achievements now each grant a 25% chance to duplicate fossilblooms received from harvesting Herbiboars, adding up to 50%.


  • Sarachnis now correctly drops its pet and the jar of eyes.
  • Fixed the Collection log interface not displaying the correct kill count for Nex and Sarachnis.
  • The “Take-all” option on seed packs now functions correctly.
  • Fixed reanimated hellhounds only having 1 HP and no animations.
  • Crafting combination runes will now automatically use essences in your essence pouch, if you are holding it.
  • The Voidwaker sword, Staff of the dead and Staff of light can now be used to slash webs.
  • Chopping sulliuscep mushroom trees now has a chance to grant mort myre fungus, and a smaller chance to grant a sulliuscep mushroom cap.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crazy Archeologist’s special attacks graphics effect would fail to appear correctly.


  • We didn’t remove anything this patch!