08/04/23 | Minor Update - Cache Update and Ongoing Beta

Hey there, everyone!

Today, much like yesterday, has been super busy! Once again, we’ve been getting a ton of reception from all of the current beta testers, so our continued, deepest thanks to them! We can’t believe some of the bugs that’re being discovered, but they’re definitely keeping us scratching our heads and busy for sure.

On top of that, we’ve implemented the newest cache from RS, so that’ll allow us access to Desert Treasure 2 bosses and forestry, though we’ll likely be looking to implement them both at a later date. As it stands, we’re exceptionally busy with the ongoing beta phase! As a reminder, to those interested, please click the button at the bottom of this post and join our Discord! It might not be an exaggeration to say we’ve been lucky enough to garner the best, most effective, and most collectively attractive beta testing team of all time.

Absolutely stylish fit this time.

We’ve got another big patch coming that’ll outline all the changes made due to the numerous bug reports and general feedback, however that will be for Monday! With the weekend coming up, it’ll be time to take a much needed breather and spare everyone from our posting for just a little bit.

That’s all for now, thanks again for the continued support. We shall keep everyone updated as we have more to share. As always, feel free to join our Discord and join the community discourse!


Neox Staff