08/03/23 | Minor Update - Adding Custom Runelite Plugins

Hey there, everyone!

Today has been a rather exciting day! In past miniature updates, such as this very one, we’ve been referring to the fact that we’ll eventually be looking into integrating our own custom written Runelite plugins and today is finally the day where we’ve added our very first one. Proudly presenting, from the finest master chefs of Neox, the “Resource Bag Preview Plugin”. Aptly named, this plugin will allow players to hover over their resource bag to view the contents within without having to halt their actions and interact with the resource bag itself!

Live updating, lightweight, and fully customizable, this plugin will come default enabled when launching the Neox version of a Runelite client. Players who wish to interact and customize with the plugin’s settings need only click the “configuration” option on the right-side of the Runelite client, search for “Resource Bag”, and click the gear icon from there.

For those unaware, the Resource Bag of Neox acts like an inventory extension when it comes to gatherable skilling items such as ores, herbs, or raw fish! A player need only open the bag while it’s equipped or resides in their inventory and items will be automatically deposited as they’re acquired. Upgrades to the weight capacity allowance can be earned by completing various tasks and challenges throughout the Neox world. Eventually, the Resource Bag will have its own Knowledge Base entry and we’ll reveal everything there.

Thanks to everyone who continues to be involved within our project. As a gentle reminder, we’re currently accepting beta applications within our official Discord! For those who wish to join, simply click on the button at the bottom of this page and fill an application out through the submission form.


Neox Staff