08/07/23 | Minor Update - Beta Continued!

Hey there, everyone!

Today’s been… an interesting one. As our beta continues from day to day, with new additions to the team, as does the discovery of new bugs! Some? Easily squashed and equally forgotten, however… others? Well, we’ll go to pull on the thread and find it doesn’t stop unraveling for quite some time. Unfortunately, this has lead to a slight delay with what we were hoping was going to be the day of sharing our significantly more exciting patch notes and we’ll have to postpone until sometime a bit later this week. In good news? When we’re able to post the patch notes up, they’re going to be quite an adventure to go through! Quite a few of these fixes stem from the most obscure interactions that we couldn’t have dreamed of ever finding otherwise. In not so good news? Our poor GitHub has seen lighter days.

GitHub on its bulk phase.

Additionally, quite a few of the video creators we’ve been in contact with for promotional work are going to be releasing their finished results this week and hopefully directly into your subscription feed on Youtube! We’re expecting a fair surge in activity from them, so have been battening down the hatches accordingly.

The testers have been absolutely incredible so far and, as we’ve said already, we could not have gotten any luckier with them! For those interested in joining the team and visiting our humble little corner, please click the button below this post to join the official discord and fill out an application! As for us? Well, we’ll keep doing what we do and maybe turn the heat up just a little.


Neox Staff