08/24/23 | Minor Update - Milestones

Hey there, everyone!

For anyone who’s ever started something and seen it all the way through, it might be fair to say that progress throughout can be tough to recognize. The view, when you’re inside looking out, can be a bit clouded in seeing the journey as it evolves and all the little changes that eventually add up to something great; outside looking in though? That very same progress can be so much easier to recognize, especially when there’s milestones. When designing something within our project, even though we might not share our milestones as much as we’d like to, we do indeed every now and again step outside to take a look and see the changes. In this update, as opposed to our usual practice of either the grand reveal or the tease, we’re going to share those very moments we see when we pause for a just second, step outside, and take a look at what we’ve been working on.

In this particular instance, it’ll be the plugin we’d ever so gently teased in the last update. Going in, we’d wanted to devise a way to make a very fundamental element to our server significantly more accessible, intuitive, and ultimately just easier to interact with; what better way to do that then by making use of the innovation in Runelite’s foundation for implementing custom plugins? As of yesterday, we’ve been developing a plugin that will allow for players to more organically track their progress through the numerous tasks within Neox, alongside housing those very tasks in a significantly improved upon frame. Throughout this slightly more long winded update, we’d wanted to give you a glimpse into the milestones we’ve been looking at ourselves during the rather experimental creation of this plugin. So, with all of that out the way, we’ll start with the very first:

The Foundation

Our first milestone: The Foundation

The very first milestone we make after the original idea has been brought to life is the foundation: the laying of a framework in a general principle where we believe, from a solely functional standpoint, it’s something that both works (however rudimentary at the time) and we can keep building upon. With this, a system that display the tasks in a precise fashion and includes means of navigation (which in this instance includes the search and scroll bar). Once the very basics have been established, we can continue to build and improve upon the design:

The Turn

Our second milestone: The Turn

With the foundation laid, we can begin to expand upon the very framework and add the elements that give it life. The Turn (which yes, is a very thinly veiled reference to The Prestige), is something that we continue to build upon in steps and, without a doubt, is the most enjoyable aspect in all the many milestones its composed of. During this part, we get to flex our creative muscle, explore ideas that could work (finding out which ones might not), and engage within our community for a general sense of feedback and direction. At the end of the day, as with the goal of this project from the very beginning, we want to create something that people can get lost in and enjoy; small additions, such as this, are simply colors to help broaden the horizons of our canvas.

The Turn: Continued

As we continue to build within The Turn, introducing further elements and nuances, it begins to take shape in a way where, when we step outside to look back and see, we can be proud of what we’ve accomplished, if only for a moment before going back inside to keep at it. The very clips used within this update are from our upcoming Neox Task Plugin, which will introduce something to the community we genuinely believe will be very warmly welcomed and… well, we can’t wait to share it. Following the many stages throughout The Turn, though? Well, it’s the final step:

The Reveal

Unfortunately, the reveal itself will have to wait for another time. This update? Well, we’d just wanted to share the progress of something we’re coming to be quite proud of as it continues to grow, however there’s still some time for it yet until we’re quite ready for the big reveal. For that? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned until the next round of patch notes. Along with this plugin, we have something incredibly exciting in the works that we can’t wait to share with you all! For that though? Well, there’s a few more milestones to be met yet.


Neox Staff