08/23/23 | Minor Update - Another Runelite Plugin

Hey there, everyone!

One of the things we’re most proud of when it comes to our project is the integration of the Runelite client. It was by no means an easy accomplishment, so we’re set on making as much use out of it as possible. As we’d previously showcased, the creation and implementation of custom plugins that will come with the installation of the Neox client is something we’ve been exploring just the very surface of (as with the Resource Bag plugin we’d introduced a little while back), and now we’re going to take another plunge to see what how far we’re able to push ourselves. We’ve got a very particular and exciting concept for a plugin in mind, but for now we’ll keep that a surprise until it’s been given just a little more time to come out of the drawing room and into fruition.

No, the plugin isn't going to be named "Coming Soon!"

On that same note, we’re also going to be exploring the idea of packing community plugins by default into the download as well, including the 117 HD plugin! It’s some unexplored ground for now, but we shall keep our community in the loop with any progress made. As always, the feedback we’ve been receiving has been absolutely incredible and we’re beyond thankful to the beta testers within the community who’ve taken the time to pick through our humble project and bring its slightly less flattering characteristics to the light. Much love, Neoxians.


Neox Staff