08/25/23 | Minor Update - Task Tracker

Hey there, everyone!

With yesterday’s update post, we went through the process both in the conception and execution of an idea within Neox. Well, after quite a bit of time spent turning, twisting, and tying it all into one pretty package, the majority of our task plugin has been completed. Now, bear in mind it’s by no means entirely finished and still needs that final coat of polish, but is coming to a point where we can confidently showcase the functionality and general intent behind the purpose of this addition to our humble world! We won’t be going into too much detail regarding the specifics (as that’s what our lovely Knowledge Base is for), however we’ll elaborate a little bit on what you’re seeing in the media below.

Live updating task tracking! Kinda neat.

The plugin itself is designed in a way to update and sync itself with whatever account is logged in and will live track their progression. In doing so, we’re hoping to give players a little bit of a cleaner experience and improved quality of life when making their way through completing the challenges found throughout the world!

Fully implemented searching and task filtering.

On top of the live updating, we’ve also implemented both a functional search feature which a player can use to search through tasks based on keywords, and the ability to apply filters for things such as skills, regions, achievement difficulty, and activity type (such as exploration or collection). Each task is listed with its difficulty tier, tag line, and reward for completion. We’re absolutely ecstatic with the result thus far and can’t wait to continue building upon this plugin, alongside introducing a variety of others in due time!

Thanks again to everyone who’s continuing to stay involved, and to our ever incredible beta testing team. The next reveal? Well, what’s a project without a website? To everyone, enjoy your weekends and we shall see you again on Monday with another update.


Neox Staff