05/17/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Tasks, Emblems, and Blood Money

Hey there, everyone! As we continue to play through the server and experiment with the different rates, as well as receive feedback throughout the beta phase, we’ve come to understand that some of the rates need adjustments! With this patch, we’re looking to make things feel a little more balanced for the game, as well as push through some changes to the website for clarity’s sake and overall just improve the look of the hiscores. We’re quite excited to share this with you all (most specifically our iron man testees; it’s about time you got some recognition)!


Neox Staff



  • Added 35 new generic Mining tasks.
  • Added buttons to the Task list interface to check the progress of tasks.
  • Added an icon to the context menu when right clicking players that shows their selected difficulty mode.
  • There are two new tasks “Verify your Email Address” & “Enable Two-Factor Authentication” - both unlock unique titles.
  • A “Neox Security Advisor” npc has been added to the home area. He can be used to complete the new tasks mentioned above.
  • XP Mode icons will now show in the player info tab as well as the xp mode selection dialogue.
  • Game Modes and XP Modes will now show for each player on the hiscores.


  • We’ve made some changes to the Resource Bag:
    • Added an option to destroy all the items inside the resource bag.
    • Added a button in the top right corner of the bank interface that allows you to instantly deposit all the contents of your looting bag and resource bag (if they are in your inventory).
    • The deposit loot button in the bank deposit box interface now also deposits resource bag contents, and its sprite has changed to a resource bag.
    • The following items can now be deposited into the resource bag:
      • All types of bones.
      • All types of hides.
      • All cooked food.
      • All metal bars.
      • All hunter trap loot.
      • All bird nests (whether empty or filled).
  • We’ve rebalanced some of the resource item weights (as a reminder, this affects how many items can fit in the bag):
    • Pure essence: 0.002kg -> 0.02kg
    • Coal: 2.267kg -> 0.3kg
    • Clay: 1kg -> 0.5kg
    • Tin, Copper, Iron, Mithril, Adamantite ores: 2.267kg -> 0.8kg
    • Silver and gold ore: 2.267kg -> 0.5kg
    • Runite ore: 2.267kg -> 1.2kg
    • Logs: 2kg -> 0.5kg
    • Oak, Willow, Teak, Mahogany logs: 2kg -> 0.5kg
    • Yew logs: 2kg -> 0.6kg
    • Magic and Redwood logs: 2kg -> 0.7kg
  • The Wilderness Emblem now has an effect that increases resource bag capacity while in the Wilderness:
    • Tier 1: +10kg
    • Tier 2: +15kg
    • Tier 3: +20kg
    • Tier 4: +30kg
    • Tier 5: +40kg
  • Mining has directly undergone several QOL adjustments as well:
    • The essence rock now always gives pure essence, regardless of level.
    • The amount of essence mined per action now scales with level and pickaxe used. At 99 with a dragon pickaxe, you can mine up to 10 pure essence per action.
    • The Dragon pickaxe and all of its variants now have a 1/6 chance to speed up the mining action by 1 tick.
    • Core ore rocks no longer deplete after every ore mined, instead, they only have a chance to deplete.
    • Reduced the chance of Amethyst rocks depleting.
    • Significantly reduced the respawn delay for core ore and gem rocks
  • Blood Money exchange rates have been adjusted following pricing feedback:
    • Larran’s key price increased from 3,000 to 8,000.
    • Bag full of gems price increased from 1,000 to 4,000.
    • Scroll of imbuing price increased from 10,000 to 25,000.
    • Void knight armour pieces price increased from 10,000 to 20,000.
    • Blighted super restore price increased from 200 to 400.
    • Blighted Saradomin brew price increased from 100 to 400.
  • Wilderness emblem rates have been adjusted following feedback:
    • Catching monkfish now grants +4 base charge, up from +1
    • Catching Infernal Eels now grants +7 base charge, up from +1
    • Mining concentrated coal now grants +3 base charge, up from +1
    • Completing a lap of the Wilderness Agility course now grants +20 base charge, up from +12
  • Reduced Hard mode combat xp rate from 50x to 10x.


  • “All” clue scroll counter will now log to hiscores correctly.
  • The hiscores now properly shows the voting category.
  • Fixed an issue that caused hiscores rows to get out of order when there are multiple entries for the same user. Example: User starts the game in hard mode, but switches to easy causing them to have two separate hiscores entries.


  • Nothing has been removed this patch. Stay tuned!