05/18/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Adjustments and Website Stuff

Hey there, everyone! We’ve been ever diligently working behind the scenes and have one fairly hefty patch for you this time. We’ve begun introducing a large variety of wilderness oriented tasks to keep things interesting, alongside making some adjustments to both the resource bag and wilderness emblem rates. These might be adjusted at a later time, so do stay tuned, though we’re curious to see how they feel now. Again, we’re always receptive to feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share any you might have within the appropriate channels.


Neox Staff



  • Added 37 new tasks relating to new Wilderness content.
  • The Wilderness Combatant, Wilderness Veteran, Wilderness Champion and Wilderness Warlord achievements have a new passive reward: +5kg to maximum resource bag capacity while in the Wilderness; this reward is per tier, so with all 4 achievements complete the total increase is +20kg.
  • Added a new achievement: “Wildly Resourceful”;
    • Requires you to gather 250 fish, ores and logs in the wilderness
    • Rewards +8kg to maximum resource bag capacity (this applies everywhere, not just in the wilderness)
    • Rewards a new title
  • Blood Money shop changes:
    • Added void knight armour
    • Added fighter torso
    • Added defenders
    • Added dragon axe
    • Added dragon pickaxe
    • Significantly reduced the price of blighted manta ray, anglerfish, karambwan, and super restores.
  • Players will now receive a resource bag upon first logging in.


  • The Wilderness Warlord achievement now requires the “Sell a tier 5 Emblem to Ferox” task
  • Wilderness Emblem tiers have been rebalanced. They now require less charge to reach higher tiers, and the charge to blood money conversion has been improved; previously, the benefits of a Tier 5 emblem far outweighted its trade-in value, especially considering how long it took to reach the final tier. These changes are meant to reduce the opportunity cost of trading in an emblem by making it significantly easier to reach the final tier.
    • Tier 1: Conversion rate increased from 10:1 to 12:1.
    • Tier 2: Conversion rate increased from 12:1 to 15:1; charge required to reach this tier reduced to 250 from 500.
    • Tier 3: Conversion rate increased from 15:1 to 18:1; charge required to reach this tier reduced to 500 from 1000.
    • Tier 4: Conversion rate increased from 18:1 to 20:1; charge required to reach this tier reduced to 1000 to 2000.
    • Tier 5: Conversion rate increased from 20:1 to 25:1; charge required to reach this tier reduced to 2000 from 5000.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed the resource bag to function from the bank.


  • Nothing has been removed this patch. Stay tuned!