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last edited: 09/08/23

Here at Neox, we have a certain level of both professionalism and maturity we expect our staff to be able to uphold. In offering both, the community is able to experience as positive an environment as possible, and should anything arise, know that their best intentions are kept in mind. We trust our staff and their decision making, and it is within our best interest to keep that level of respect and trust among the team. Within this Knowledge Base entry, the responsibilities of our staff and their expected characteristics will be presented in a manor offering easy interpretation. Should there be any questions or concerns, members and staff alike are encouraged to contact a member of the Administration team.


Neox Staff


General Questions

Below will be a summary of some general questions members might have regarding the staff team of Neox. We will do our best to cover as many fields as possible, however there might be the odd one missed. If you happen to have any questions regarding the staff team not covered here, please take the time to ask one of our Administrators and we will be happy to provide an answer as quickly as possible. We want the operation of our team to be as transparent as possible.

What is a staff member within Neox?

A staff member within Neox is someone who has been personally selected by the administrative team to help assist in the management of the community. These members are people who display both a healthy level of discord and server activity, possess a more than positive attitude and outlook towards the server, have had no previous conflicts with a member of staff, and are genuinely pleasant to be around; these are members that the community holds in high regard who act as role models throughout. These members have displayed a willingness to go out of their way to assist someone in need, have regularly provided beneficial content to the server, and who we truly believe will positively add to the Neox experience.

How do I join the staff team?

Staff members are hand selected by the administrative team. There is no application process, and any inquiries regarding the availability of the position will only be detrimental to your chances. We ask that members who are interested in the position continue to do what they’re doing. Should we see the possibility of a respective fit, we’ll first approach you and see if you’d be interested in the role. Petitioning on another member’s behalf is also frowned upon.

What does a staff member do?

Staff members are responsible for mediating player conflict, providing player support, and dealing with situations that might ultimately need an ultimatum to be addressed. These members possess additional commands that they may use at their own discretion including the ability to mute other players, as well as disable account access.

When should I contact a staff member?

Should there be any dispute among players, or if someone is breaking the rules, we encourage all members to contact a member of staff. However, should a member need a simple answer, contacting a member of staff should be their last resort. Unless absolutely necessary, we encourage our community to try and resolve any issues they have on their own. Staff members are players, just like you, and they’re here to try and enjoy the game as well. Should a staff member be unable to deal with a situation, which may happen very rarely, we encourage both that staff member and involved member to reach out to one of the Administrators so that it may be handled.

Help, I've been abused by a staff member, what do I do?

Should you think a member of the moderation team has acted unfairly, we ask that members directly contact a member of the administration team so that it can be dealt with as necessary. With this in mind, we do not encourage members to try and harass the moderator following their action, regardless of whether or not it be deemed appropriate. We would like to emphasize that we support our staff, and their decisions, and so trying to go above their heads and contacting other members of staff, or an Administrator directly will be frowned upon. Directly contradicting or arguing with them will only make matters worse. We take the professionalism of our staff very seriously, and reports the same. Reports made against members of staff will be very thoroughly looked into and acted upon as necessary.

There is no staff member online, what should I do?

We’ve tried our best to appoint staff members from all over the world to allow for as much coverage as possible, but that doesn’t mean there still won’t be the odd window. Unfortunately, if there isn’t any staff members present, there isn’t much that can be done. Neox has numerous internal management systems that automates the majority of frowned upon behavior quite efficient, however it won’t be able to catch everything. We ask that members do their very best to deal with the situation on their own, making reports if necessary. We’ll try our best to provide the fastest response possible, and at the moment that’s the very best we can do.

Staff members within Neox are to be treated with the utmost respect. Their services for the community mean more to the Administrative team than words can ever describe. They’ve been given an abundance of responsibility, and act as the foundation for the community. A healthy staff team means a healthy community, and so we plan to do our very best to keep it that way.


Behavioral Expectations

There is a certain level of professionalism we expect our staff to uphold, and in doing so provide a positive experience for the community. In this section, the expected behavior and other information will be found. We fully expect our staff team to utilize this section as necessary, and for members to also familiarize themselves with the content. Though it is important that the guidelines be followed, there will be a limit of leniency in place. We respect and trust the decisions of our staff team.

• Staff members are to be as kind as considerate as possible. Regardless of what they’re doing, should a member have a question, they are expected to provide an answer within reason. They are there to help, and ignoring or pushing other players aside in favor of something else will be frowned upon.

• Staff members are to continue to set status as a role model. Whether it be through helping someone with a basic task, sorting an issue out as necessary, or even just being friendly to new players, there are encouraged to make the environment of Neox as warm and welcoming as possible.

• Staff members are expected to resolve any conflict should it arise. Disputes between members where they’ve been called in when necessary, or complaints players may have against each other are both considered priority over whatever else they may be doing and must be dealt with. They are expected to be as unbiased as possible when dealing with conflict of any nature.

• Staff members are to enforce the rules as necessary. If they see someone breaking the rules, regardless of standing relations, they must act appropriately. If they are unsure of what to do, they are to consult another member of staff, or even a member of the Administrative team for direction. Staff members are expected to be fully educated on the official rules.

• Staff members are not to publicly question the decision of another staff member. When one member of staff has taken action, regardless of whether or it is questionable, it is expected that all other members of staff will support them. Should you question their decision, speak with them privately at another time. Staff members are not to second guess each other, and are also not to reverse the actions of one another. This expectation has very little leniency and is the most important of the bunch.

• Staff members are expected to deal with situations fairly. Take in the stories of both parties and make your decision appropriately. Know, in comfort, that your decision will be respected by the other staff members and will not be reversed or undermined.


In conclusion, and though this has been said many times before, we want to remind everybody that our staff members are players, and just like everybody else who’s a part of this community, a person too. Yes, they may be prone to sometimes making the wrong decisions, or making a basic mistake, and we understand that and would like to ask that the community show the same level of patience. When it comes down to it, the staff team is constantly going out of their way to try and ensure that members are able to have as enjoyable an experience as possible while they’re here. We’re all in this together, after all.