05/16/23 | Beta Patch Notes - A Beginning

Hey there, everyone! Thanks for baring with us during the beta phase. As per some of your feedback and bug discovery, we’ve been able to push our first Neox beta staging bug fix and content patch. We’re super excited for the long road ahead and will make sure we keep everyone informed of upcoming changes! As always, we welcome all feedback through the appropriate channels.


Neox Staff



  • An option has been added for “don’t remind me” when making large purchases.
  • “Previous” option has been added to the home teleport right-click.
  • Edgeville teleport has been added to the Cities teleport menu.


  • Players will now face the correct location when chopping canoes.
  • Concentrated runite mining will now count towards daily tasks of mining runite ore.
  • Hatchets and pickaxes will now require their appropriate attack levels to equip.


  • Draynor Village agility obstacle positioning/interactions have been corrected.
  • Death containers should be properly refreshing now; no more ghost items left in inventory slots.
  • Mage Bank’s sparkling pool has had the animations fixed.
  • Books and chaptered books will no longer cause client crashes.
  • Magic tab filtering options should now be working correctly.
  • Players will no longer be able to wear goblin mail; no more invisible torsos!


  • Nothing has been removed this patch. Stay tuned!