05/29/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Revision Upgrade and General Fixes

Hey there, everyone! We have some very exciting news this time around and it’s that we’ve upgraded revisions! For those who’re unaware, that basically implies that we have a more updated version of the osrs cache which in turn allows us access to the newest content they’ve pushed including Bounty Hunter (though we’ll be approaching this in the future for now). With that, there’s the chance that a fair few things may have broken, so we’ll be spending the next while thoroughly testing everything to make sure it’s still smoothly operating as well as continuing to fix any discovered bugs and introduce more content. Thanks, and stay tuned!


Neox Staff



  • Updated our client build to the same as OSRS. (213)
  • Updated our RuneLite build to the same as RuneLite. (1.10.1); some notable things include BH maps, Runlite profiles, and more!
  • Added Alchemical Hydra teleport to bosses
  • Added the following Trailblazers Ornament kits:
    • Infernal Harpoon (or)
    • Infernal Axe (or)
    • Infernal Pickaxe (or)
    • Dragon Harpoon (or)
    • Dragon Axe (or)
    • Dragon Pickaxe (or)
  • Added functionality for the bounty hunter upgraded versions of the Barrelchest Anchor and Abyssal dagger, though they are not obtainable yet.
  • Added cute reference to the Varrock haybales.


  • Prayer filters can now be enabled/disabled by right clicking the prayer tab icon.
  • Reworked the AFK timer interface.
  • AFK status should now consistently be cleared when performing actions.
  • The Water tap in the Farming Guild can now be used to fill containers with water.
  • The Emote scroll can now be used to unlock many more emotes.
  • Removed some custom emotes and added support for new ones.
  • Re-ordered swampbark items in the donator store.
  • Birdhouses now also accept allotment, bush and flower seeds.


  • Players will no longer be put into AFK state if they are in combat.
  • Buying items from shops now adds them to your collection log, if applicable.
  • Receiving rewards via the Taskmaster now adds them to your collection log, if applicable.
  • Players should no longer receive collection log notifications for untradeable items upon logging in.
  • Removed ‘Collect’ option and changed the Dying Knight’s dialogue.
  • Removed ‘Check-fee’ option from Callisto’s den entrance.
  • Fixed spell filter disable toggle not saving between sessions.
  • Private messages are now limited to 255 characters.
  • Public chat messages are now limited to 80 characters.
  • Fixed a game-breaking world crash.
  • Fixed a server/client desync when picking up items.
  • Fixed the more info screen not opening for the ‘Fremennik Legend’ achievement.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs facing certain tiles.
  • Changed undefined ladder message to “nothing interesting happens”.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to obtain more than one rune pouch at a time.
  • Fixed the ‘Chop some Maple logs in Seers’ Village Task’ progressing even if the player was not in the Seers’ Village area.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Artio, Calvar’ion and Spindel from counting towards Slayer assignments given by Krystilia.
  • Fixed items with special bank options (such as essence pouches) sending a “You can’t wield this item” message.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with custom XP drop text (such as gaining wilderness emblem charge) when the ‘Group’ XP drops setting was turned on.
  • Removed notifications about achievement diary progression (this is relating to an old unused system, not the currently active achievements).
  • Fixed Artio and Callisto death animation.
  • Fixed Vet’ion and Calvar’ion phase transition lightning bolts not correctly applying hits.
  • Fixed many settings/states not saving correctly.
  • Made many backend fixes and improvements.


  • Though a few small things were removed this patch, they’ve been included in the other patch note messages. Whoops!