06/01/23 | Beta Patch Notes - New Shop Interface and Miscellaneous Changes

Hey there, everyone! Following our revision upgrade, it afforded us the opportunity to begin implementing some of the new interfaces and tweak them in a way we think will work best for the server. Over the next short while, we’re going to be experimenting with adding these interfaces into the game in an organic way and are very excited to get it working. Besides the interface exploration, we’ve got a handful of varying adjustments and fixes for you all in this patch.


Neox Staff



  • The new shop interface (used by BH in RS) is now supported.
  • Converted the Blood Money Exchange shop to use the new shop interface.
  • Added support for the Bounty hunter ornament kit and its respective items.
  • Reworked the way the server handles logging. Any log level above warning will now log to Discord.
  • Added a filterable message when using commands… example ::test will send a light blue “::test” message.
  • Changed some items in the donation store.


  • Reworked the overall backend design of the Grand Exchange.
  • Sigmund the Merchant will now flip items he purchases into the Grand Exchange.


  • Fixed an issue causing the title selection interface to not open.


  • Nothing was removed this patch! We’re too busy adding to be removing.