05/26/23 | Beta Patch Notes - More Fremennik Love and Miscellaneous Fixes

Hey there, everyone! As mentioned in our last minor patch notes, we’ve had our eye on the Fremennik Isles, and this is the patch to show the area some more loving! Alongside adding new Fremennik titles and a bunch of new area tasks, we’ve also fixed a ton of the miscellaneous bugs that’ve been reported. Once again, we wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to contribute to the beta. You guys have been doing an incredible job in helping us to root out issues alongside giving us plenty of feedback in shaping the game to be as enjoyable as possible. Legends. Anywho, without further adu, the patch notes…


Neox Staff



  • Added 73 new Fremennik area tasks. Achievements for these tasks are coming soon.
  • Added Trailblazer graceful ornament kit.
  • Implemented rune crossbow (or).
  • Added shattered relics variety ornament functionality:
    • Abyssal tentacle (or)
    • Abyssal whip (or)
    • Book of balance
    • Book of darkness
    • Book of law
    • Book of war
    • Holy book
    • Unholy book
  • Added 9 new achievements:
    • Fremennik Tourist
    • Fremennik Citizen
    • Fremennik Noble
    • Fremennik Ruler
    • Fremennik Legend
    • The Undying Dragon
    • Ender of Wars
    • Kingslayer
    • One Man Army
  • Added 8 new titles:
    • {player}, the Chieftain (Requires completing the ‘Fremennik Legend’ achievement)
    • Necrodrake {player} (Requires completing the ‘The Undying Dragon’ achievement)
    • Kingslayer {player} (Requires completing the ‘Kingslayer’ achievement)
    • Divine Conqueror {player} (Requires completing the ‘Ender of Wars’ achievement)
    • {player}, Strength of Ourgs (Requires completing the General Graardor collection log task)
    • {player}, Brawn of a Tsutsaroth (Requires completing the K’ril Tsutsaroth collection log task)
    • {player}, Swiftness of the Aviansie (Requires completing the Kree’Arra collection log task)
    • {player}, Finesse of the Icyene (Requires completing the Commander Zilyana collection log task)
    • {player} the One Man/Woman Army (Requires completing the ‘One Man Army’ achievement)
  • Added a new Master task: ‘Kill all 4 God Wars generals without leaving the dungeon’.
  • Added a Waterbirth Island dungeon teleport to the Neox portal.
  • Added a bank deposit box to the Lunar Isle mine
  • Accessing the Lunar Isle mine now requires completion of the ‘Fremennik Noble’ achievement.


  • The Essence rock in the Lunar Isle mine can now be mined. It grants 2 additional pure essence per action.


  • Fixed the ‘Charter a ship to Catherby’ task completing when you chartered a ship from Catherby instead of to Catherby.
  • Added mystic (or) level requirements.
  • Changed Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig dialogue to notify the player of proper item collection information.
  • Fixed option so dismantle and dismantle-kit are recognized as item options.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ‘Mine 5 Adamantite ores in Jatizso’ task from completing correctly.
  • Fixed a typo in the message sent when the player makes progress toward a task with multiple steps.
  • Fixed timed boss tasks being automatically completed if you did not have a recorded time for that boss.


  • Removed Orrovor quo Maten from the Alchemical Hydra boss area.