05/24/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Fremennik, Ironmen, and Emblem Adjustments

Hey there, everyone! Once again, just a minor patch, but we’ve introduced a ton of new tasks for Fremennik and will potentially have more coming (we’ve got our eye on this area at the moment); we’ve also made some changes to ironman drop functionality, changed up some more emblem rates, and made some minor QOL improvements across the board.


Neox Staff



  • Added an initial batch of 36 Fremennik area tasks. A larger batch and potentially achievements/rewards will be added tomorrow.


  • Removed restrictions on Ironman players receiving drops from monsters. This means Ironmen can now PvM with their friends and receive drops normally.
  • The amount of emblem charge gained from Mining, Fishing and Woodcutting actions now scales with the amount of resources collected from that action. For example, if the logs you chop get doubled by the emblem effect, you will also receive double charge for that action.
  • Catching Anglerfish in the Wilderness now grants 11 charge, up from 1.
  • Catching Infernal eels in the Wilderness now grants 9 charge, up from 7.


  • Maple logs now have the intended weight of 0.5kg.
  • Added level requirements to equip infernal and infernal (or) tools.
  • Strange fruit now restores 30 energy on consumption.
  • Villagers at Pollnivneach are now thievable.
  • Bank booths at home have the correct examine text.
  • Orange Salamanders now have an attack level requirement.
  • Placed the correct NPC (banker) at the Shilo village bank.
  • Fixed an internal error with Wilderness Emblems.
  • Fixed an internal error related to achievement diaries.


  • Nothing was removed this patch. Stay tuned!