05/23/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Kandarin and Coal Trucks

Hey there, everyone! This patch isn’t super big, but we’re excited to introduce coal trucks and some new Kandarin achievements with corresponding rewards! Alongside some miscellaneous adjustments, a variety of reported issues have been addressed and we’ve made some adjustments to the achievement system.


Neox Staff



  • Added 5 new Kandarin area achievements and rewards.
  • The coal trucks area has been reworked and introduced.
  • The coal trucks themselves can now be interacted with to instantly deposit all coal you’re carrying directly to your bank, including from your resource bag and coal bag, if you’re carrying them. The dwarf Stankers will only allow you to use the trucks if you’ve completed the ‘Kandarin Citizen’ achievement.
  • There are now 2 concentrated coal rocks at the coal trucks area. As with the Wilderness versions, these rocks never deplete, but require 70 Mining. Mining these rocks also requires completion of the ‘Kandarin Noble’ achievement.
  • Added more regular rock spawns at the coal trucks area in a 3-rock formation for easier Mining.
  • Added a coal trucks teleport to the main teleport portal.


  • Nothing to report here… for now.


  • Fixed issues preventing many shopkeepers around the world from functioning correctly.
  • Fixed not being able to interact with inventory items after switching display modes.
  • Fixed a text display issue with 2 Falador achievements.
  • Fixed ornament kit versions of Void knight armour not having level requirements.
  • The Twisted Ancestral colour kit now functions correctly.
  • Zombies in Entrana now have correct combat stats.
  • Fixed an issue with poison hitsplats not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tasks which required you to mine coal at the coal trucks to progress from mining coal anywhere.
  • Fixed certain bankers appearing as cats or fishing spots instead


  • Nothing has been removed this patch. Stay tuned!