Welcome To Neox

Hey there, and welcome to Neox!

At the moment, our project is still under heavy development. Though we’re drawing ever closer to our official release, we’re not there quite yet, nor are we in a position to announce a definitive date… though we’re getting closer with each day. Within this blog, you’ll be able to follow along with the progression of our server through our Patch Notes. Development has come a very long way since we’d originally started and we’re very excited to be at a stage where we can begin advertising our progression.

Neox, at conception, is a very community driven and focused project. Over the last while, we’ve been running a closed beta for a handful of select people and have been encouraging feedback and discussions within our Community Discord; now, we’d like to open the doors to anyone interested in interacting with us directly and staying involved within the project as it continues to be developed. With this in mind, please click the button below if you’d like to become a member of our community and stay involved.


Neox Staff