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last edited: 09/12/23

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Neox Server - Server Rules and Guidelines
Discord Guidelines - Automated Punishment System and Guidelines


Server Rules and Guidelines

Server Rules and Guidelines

Below will outline the official Neox rules. It’s important to understand that these rules are a broad overview, and we rely on our capable staff to enforce them with fairness and discretion. We emphasize that any attempts to evade these rules, no matter how clever, will result in appropriate consequences. We have confidence in our members to interpret and follow these rules if they wish to be active members of the Neox community.

1. General Behavior

Inappropriate Language, Conduct, and Ethics

The main Neox clan chat is to be English only; this is for regulatory reasons. Other languages are permitted and actively encouraged within the general chat, through PMs, and other hosted clan chats.

Profanity is permitted, within reason; excessive profanity to the point of being subjectively tasteless is not.

Any form of harassment is not allowed. If you have an issue with another member, please report them using the correct process.

Encouraging Others to Break Rules: It is strictly prohibited to encourage, incite, or coerce fellow community members to violate any of the Neox rules. Encouragement to break rules undermines the integrity of our community and can lead to a disruptive and negative environment, and will have a zero tolerance policy.

  • Excessive use of offensive language in clan chat.
  • Continual harassment of another member.
  • Encouraging fellow members to participate in rule-breaking activities.

2. Real World Trading

Selling In-game Items, Accounts, or Account Names using third-party websites

This rule pertains to in-game transactions. It states that members should only engage in item or gold transactions through the official Neox shop, accessible in-game and on the website. Attempting to sell in-game items, gold, accounts, or account names through external websites or back channels is strictly prohibited. This rule ensures that all in-game transactions occur within the Neox framework, promoting fairness and security.

  • Advertising a third-party website for buying and/or selling in-game items.
  • Attempting to sell an in-game account on an external platform.

3. Staff Impersonation

Impersonating a member of Neox staff in any way, shape, or form

Safeguarding the community from potential imposters, this rule strongly discourages impersonating a Neox staff member. Members can identify staff by a crown symbol next to their name. Importantly, staff will never ask for personal information, account access, or direct members to external websites. If anyone claims to be a staff member and exhibits suspicious behavior, members are urged to report it immediately.

  • Pretending to be a staff member and requesting personal account information.
  • Impersonating staff to persuade members to visit an external website.
  • Using a false staff identity to gain privileges or access to accounts.

4. Item Scamming

Attempting to gain items/money through the scamming of other Neox members

Addressing deceptive practices within the community, this rule defines scamming as trying to deceive or trick other players into giving up their items or gold. While specific scam methods are not listed, the rule covers any form of deception aimed at exploiting the naivety of other members. This rule fosters trust and fairness among community members.

  • Promising to double a member’s in-game currency and then logging out with the funds.
  • Offering a fake item trade with the intention of stealing valuable items.
  • Using misleading language to trick a member into giving away their possessions.

5. Bug Abuse

Abusing bugs or glitches to gain an advantage over other players

Maintaining a level playing field, this rule prohibits any attempts to exploit bugs or glitches, regardless of the outcome. Members are encouraged to report any bugs they discover through appropriate channels. By preventing unfair advantages obtained through unintended game issues, this rule ensures equitable gameplay.

  • Repeatedly using a glitch to access restricted areas.
  • Abusing a bug to duplicate in-game items.
  • Exploiting a game flaw to gain any unfair advantage.

6. Gambling

Flower Poker, Dicing, etc.

Currently, player run gambling is prohibited within the Neox community. This includes flower poker, dicing, and other various forms of player:player gambling interaction. Gambling is managed by several automated systems and members who wish to partake are encouraged to use those.

7. Macroing and Third Party Software

Botting, Macros, and Cheating

Addressing the use of external software that provides unfair advantages, this rule strictly prohibits botting, including macros to automate server interactions. Using external software poses security risks and can result in account restrictions. By enforcing this rule, Neox ensures fair gameplay and protects the integrity of the gaming experience.

  • Using a third-party program to automate repetitive in-game actions.
  • Employing software to automatically switch between items for an advantage in combat.

8. Advertising Websites

Gold Selling, Account Services, etc.

Pertaining to external website promotion, this rule strictly forbids members from advertising external websites, regardless of their purpose. Members are cautioned to exercise caution when following links provided by others to prevent potential scams and malicious activities. This rule safeguards the community from external threats and scams.

  • Posting a link to a website offering in-game gold for sale.
  • Promoting a service to increase in-game account statistics through an external website.

9. Blackmail

Coercing, threatening, or attempting to manipulate members using sensitive information

Prohibiting any form of blackmail within the Neox community, this rule includes attempts to manipulate members using sensitive information, coercion, threats, or manipulation to gain an advantage or cause harm. By enforcing this rule, Neox ensures a secure and respectful environment for all members.

  • Threatening to reveal a member’s personal information if they don’t comply with a request.
  • Attempting to manipulate a fellow member by exploiting their personal vulnerabilities.
  • Coercing another member into giving up valuable in-game items under the threat of harm.

10. Account Services

Account Upgrade Services

Neox strictly forbids the promotion, advertisement, or engagement in any form of account services within the community. Account services refer to activities where one member offers to access or alter another member’s in-game account, including but not limited to leveling, questing, trading, or any other account-related service, whether in exchange for in-game currency, real-world currency, or any other form of compensation.

  • Account services, including leveling, questing, or trading on behalf of another member, are strictly prohibited within the Neox community.
  • Members are not allowed to advertise or offer account services to other members, whether for in-game currency, real-world currency, or any form of compensation.
  • Neox values the integrity of the gaming experience and discourages any activities that compromise the security and fairness of members’ accounts.
  • Members should report any instances of account services or related activities to the Neox staff to help maintain a secure gaming environment.

Discord Guidelines

Discord Automated Punishment System

Below will outline the behavior guidelines for the official Neox Discord server. Though the rules themselves aren’t particularly strict, we trust the judgment and discretion of our staff team to enforce common sense above all. The server itself will be manually moderated by a handful of select staff, alongside there being automated moderative processes in place. Members who fail to follow the rules or behave in a way not permitted by the automation process will receive strikes on their account. These strikes have accumulative point values which will initiate automated punishments on their accounts. Below will outline the automated strike system and what behavior will trigger an automated response.

Bad Words

Composed entirely of slurs or other racial remarks. We don’t mind profanity usage from our members, within reason.

Repeated Text

Spamming the same message over and over again. Currently, the threshold is set to be the same string of text found within a message several times, or alternatively spamming the same low character message again and again.

Zalgo Text

Text designed to distort or drastically affect the display of a message in a negative manner.

Currently, the settings are particularly lenient, however this may be adjusted at a later time if deemed necessary:

The strike system itself is entirely automated, which means we’ve configured the Neox Support Bot to moderate these actions automatically. Members who’re given a strike will receive a DM outlining what’s happened and their message will be deleted. As outlined above, strikes work as a compound system in that accruing too many of them within the 30 day period will result in an escalating punishment system. The system itself is lenient enough that only drastic actions are automatically punished and thus actions that receive strikes through this system are non-appealable.

Discord Guidelines

Below we’ll outline the expected behavior of members within our Discord. For the most part, a lot of this will be dictated by common sense, however we feel it’s important that members familiarize themselves with these guidelines before taking an active role within the Neox Discord! Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in account punishment and potential removal from the community Discord.

Follow Discord Guidelines and TOS

• The Discord Guidelines and Discord TOS must be followed at all times.
• Violation or failure of the Discord TOS or Guidelines will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Please use English only

This is an English only server. Most members are unable to understand other languages, therefore we only allow English.


No advertising is tolerated within this server. This extends to unsolicited DMs to members within the server.


Any form of harassment is not allowed. If you have an issue with another member, please report them using the correct process.


• This is not a server that allows or promotes NSFW content. Any form of inappropriate/sexual content will result in immediate punishment.
• Profiles that include NSFW icons, banners, or names fall under this ruling.

Spamming and Flooding

• Sending the same messages or emotes continuously is not allowed; this includes sending messages rapidly with the intent of disrupting chat.

Bypassing Filters or Evading

Bypassing/evasing punishments will not be tolerated and can result in a permanent ban.

Channels and Bot Usages

• Posting unrelated content in channels with specific usages or not using channels as to their intended use will not be tolerated.
• Utilizing bots with the intent to abuse their permissions will not be tolerated.