04/26/24 | Patch Notes - Tombs of Amascut

Hey there, tomb raiders!

We’re finally ready to present the one and only Tombs of Amascut! We won’t delve too hard into the contents of the raid itself, as we can save those for the Wikis, but what would a content release be without a little of our customary Neox-infused touches? Throughout this article, we’ll explain what to expect within the raid, what rewards can be found, and what sort of minor alterations we’ve cooked up to keep things a little spicy.


Neox Mummies

Tomb of Amascut

Within the Kharidian Desert (or additionally, ever conveniently accessed by the Neox Portal), lies the tomb of Pharaoh Asmumten! Players who wish to enter will quickly find themselves recruited into assisting the Pharaoh in driving away Amascut from his tomb. Of course this involves all kinds of trials, tribulations, and overly cinematic boss fights… but what would a raid be without ‘em?

So many choices! Where will you start?

This raid allows for parties to be formed of up to 8 people! Team work makes the dream work; but be wary, the more people invited, the more difficult it becomes.

The raid is comprised of fourth paths, each one themed after one of the Tumeken’s Avatars: Apmeken, Crondis, Het, and Scarabas. Each path consists of a challenge section followed by a boss! These paths can be taken on in any order the player(s) choose to challenge them, but all paths must be completed to approach the section of the raid. Additionally, this raid allows for members to modify their experience through the use of Invocations, which can modify factors such as NPC health, damage, and other interesting ways.


Additionally, this raid will come with its own set of tasks and a new achievement aptly titled “Tomb Raider”. Much like the raid itself, however, the tasks are nothing to scoff at and will be obtained by only the dedicated and skilled few! Anyways, enough about the raid itself, let’s talk rewards…

Tombs of Amascut | Rewards

Quoted directly from the official Jagex update page itself, “If there’s one thing any self-respecting ancient tomb pretty much guarantees, it’s the presence of hidden treasures.” - Something we can fully support and agree with! Within this section, we’ll outline the big ticket items that are up for grabs within this raid! For a more extensive list of items and the purpose they serve, please feel free to peruse the Official Wiki entry.

Should we... open it? I wonder what's inside!
/ / - Masori Armor

The Masori Armor stands as the best currently available ranged armor in the game. All pieces require 80 Ranged and 30 Defence to equip. The armor can be upgraded into a fortified variant using Armadyl Plates (a material received from breaking down Armadyl Armor), drastically increasing the defensive bonuses; this process requires 90 Crafting and will change the Masori Defense requirement to 80, up from 30.

- Osmumten's Fang

The Osmumten’s Fang is a one-handed stab weapon with two unique passive effects which aim to make it effective against targets with high Defence and more consistent overall: re-rolling accuracy on an unsuccesful hits, thus making damage rolls closer to the average. Additionally, this weapon is able to deal full damage to Corporeal Beast! This sword takes 82 Attack to wield.

- Lightbearer

The Lightbearer regenerates a player’s special attack twice as fast at 15 seconds per 10%, or 150 seconds per 100% (or in simpler terms, causes special attack to regenerate much quicker!). This ring has no requirements to wear.

- Elidinis' Ward

The Eldinis’ Ward shines in its ability to be fortified by attaching an Arcane Sigil to it, at the requirements of 90 Prayer, 90 Smithing, and 10,000 Soul Runes; doing so will drastically increase its defensive bonuses, alongside implementing a magic attack bonus. This shield requires 80 Magic, Defense, and Prayer to equip.

- Tumeken's Shadow

The Tumeken’s Shadow is a two-handed powerful staff with a built in spell and passive effect (when charged): when the player attacks with said spell, the magic attack bonus and magic damage are multiplied by three from the player’s worn equipment; the magic damage from this is capped at a total of 100% magic strength (it’s worth nothing that can also applie with negative bonuses, effectively tripling them as well). This staff requires 85 Magic to equip.

Much like the rework for CoX loot and its unique drops, Tombs of Amascut also features an accumulative mercy system that will compound a drop chance modifier to increase the successful roll of a unique the longer a member goes without. These numbers have been tuned a little differently, with the aim of accounting for the various raid levels and increasing the percentage with respect to the raid difficulty. And yes, we did account for outlier cases such as stacking up your chance on easy mode and then going into a harder one… so don’t even try it!

The rewards from Tombs of Amascut also include a plethora of different cosmetic items and other goodies! Additionally, for those of a more completionist nature who are looking for a way to increase their point generation from outside sources… well, that leads us onto the next section!

The Desert | New Tasks and Achievements

Home of the sand, the insects, a couple of big bug baddies, and… well, more sand, this patch will introduce a vast majority of new tasks and corresponding achievements to the Desert Area. Within these achievements, members will be able to unlock access to new goodies, passive perks to improve upon their Neox experience (including ToA), and some super cool titles!

The achievement line for the Desert has been added, including Desert Tourist, Desert Citizen, Desert Noble, Desert Ruler, Desert Legend, and Queenslayer - a unique title unlock progressional achievement for the Kalphite Queen.


In introducing these achievements, 94 new tasks have also been added (not including the ones from ToA specifically)! Good luck out there, and don’t forget your water skins!

Patch Summary

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • Added a new raid and its rewards: The Tombs of Amascut.
  • Added 152 new tasks for the Desert area and the Tombs of Amascut.
  • Added 7 new achievements: Desert Tourist, Desert Citizen, Desert Noble, Desert Ruler, Desert Legend, Queenslayer and Tomb Raider.
    • The Desert area achievements also feature new rewards such as the Keris Partisan, double Slayer experience from the Kalphite Queen, chance to save runes when casting Ancient spells, increased points in the Tombs of Amascut and more…
    • Added 3 new titles as achievement rewards: Tomb Raider, Queenslayer and Sandy.
    • The Desert Ruler achievement is a requirement for the Globetrotter and Completionist achievements.


  • Added an option to reclaim an Infernal cape that has been added to a Completionist cape. To do this, right-click a Completionist cape and choose the Upgrade/Customize option, then choose the Infernal cape option.
  • The Donator benefits that increased points gained in the Chambers of Xeric have been replaced with a generic raid points increase, meaning they now apply to both Chambers of Xeric and the Tombs of Amascut.
  • The Kalphite Queen now uses the Group boss loot system, meaning every player who contributes enough damage to the kill will receive a drop and kill count.
  • The base chance to find the Pharaoh’s sceptre in Grand Gold Chests or Sarcophagi now scales from 1/350 to 1/245 based on which room they are located.
  • Increases to rare drop rates now apply to the chance to find a Pharaoh’s sceptre.
  • Collecting loot from a Hunter trap will now attempt to add the loot to your resource bag, if possible.
  • Increased the amount of tournament points rewarded to a player when there are not enough participants to start a tournament from 1 to 10.


  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Lock combat experience’ setting would sometimes not work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing Venenatis, Vet’ion and Callisto to display their lesser version’s pet drop rates instead of their own. This was purely a visual issue, the actual drop rate is unaffected.
  • Dragonfire shields and Bracelets of ethererum can now leave placeholders in the bank.
  • Fixed a bug where the Purified fragment restored less Prayer points than intended if your current Prayer points were low.
  • Made some improvements to back-end systems.


  • We’ve removed nothing this patch!