04/05/24 | Patch Notes - Completionist Cape and More

Hey there, fashionistas!

It’s been far, faaar too long since we’d touched on some of the fashion options within the realm of Neox! So for that, our apologies, and we’d further like to redeem ourselves with the introduction of a lovely new line of capes, including the Completionist Cape, its trimmed variant, a gorgeous customization interface, and a new particularly spicy little number we’ll delve into a little further within these notes. Alongside these new must have accessories, we’ve made a handful of adjustments to some of the old capes and the way they function…

Buckle up your Ferragamo Leather Belts, snuggle into your Burberry Zuk Kigurumi, and let us do the rest!


Neox Stylists

Completionist Cape

As per its namesake, the Completionist Cape is a way for members to showcase their commitment to the game by completing their way through the vast majority of available content! Unlocking and equipping this trophy will be no easy task, however, requiring that members complete the newly adjusted Completionist achievement for the base unlock, with the trimmed variant requiring completion of the True Completionist achievement, no less.


Both the Completionist and True Completionist achievement lines have been modified in a way that better fits the completionism theme. Additionally, there’s a new title up for grabs!

The Completionist Cape, alongside offering some fairly hefty combat stats in its own right, also comes paired with its very own menu for customizing, including saveable preset options, a default color selection palette, and even a custom color slider. Within this, members will be able to use a variety of color adjustment options to customize the look of their cape! This menu can be accessed by equipping the cape, and then right-clicking on it and clicking “customize”.

Of course we had to include a randomize option! Chaos enthusiasts, rejoice!

Additionally, the cape can be combined with an infernal cape to infuse the stats of the cape with its properties, making it not only the most stylish cape, but also the potential best in slot; worry not, those who may have already combined the Infernal Cape with their Max Cape, as you can fuuurther combine that Max Cape into your Completionist Cape. Members will also be able to right-click this cape both unequipped and equipped to access a large variety of different utilities, such as Spellbook swapping, Stamina Boosting, and even a direct link to the Neox Portal! Stylish and functional? Who’d have thought it possible.

How will you wear yours?

Additional Changes

We could stop with just the Completionist Cape, but where would the fun be in that? As mentioned, this patch also contains the introduction of a new cape, along with some changes to the old familiars. In this section, we’ll outline what members can expect in both departments!

New Cape | Quest Cape

With our quickly growing list of miniquests, it only makes sense we add a Quest Cape! Members who’re able to complete and stay up-to-date with the ever expanding list of Neox quests will be able to flex on their peers with this lovely little item. Tied to the introduction of a new achievement, Neox Hero, members will also receive a unique title to reflect their ever admirable Hero status!

With all of these capes, members will have to keep the requirements up to date! In this particular instance, when a new quest is released, their completion of the Neox Hero achievement will no longer be fulfilled and they’ll have to finish the new quest to be able to re-equip the cape and have access to the title.

Modified Cape | Achievement Diary Cape

With the introduction of the Completionist Cape, the Achievement Diary Cape has undergone some changes. Now, the Completionist achievement will no longer be a requirement, and instead there has been a new achievement introduced called “Globetrotter” that will house both the cape and a unique title, and ties in all the area-themed achievements together.

As mentioned above, as new regional achievements and challenges are introduced into the game, members will need to complete them to have continued access to both this cape and its respective title!

Capes | Where To Find Them

It’s probably quite safe to assume that the majority of our lovely community already know this, but it never hurts to freshen up the memory! When a member has met the criteria for unlocking one of the above capes, that cape can then be picked up from Mac at home! Be sure to bring your cash stack, however, as these capes are most definitely not on the house.

Even with the cape unlocked, will you even be able to afford it? Fashion isn't cheap, darlin'.

Patch Summary

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • Guildmaster Jane at the Farming Guild will now exchange your Spirit seeds for high tier Seed packs.
  • Attempting to open the Alchemist’s chest will now prompt you to choose how many keys you’d like to use, with the option to use - up to 25 keys at once.
  • It is now possible to create a KBD-themed variant of the Dragon hunter crossbow by combining it with KBD’s heads.
  • KBD heads can now be split into three ensouled dragon heads with a knife.
  • Added a new secret pet: Lamby.


  • Added an “Inspect” interaction on Alchemist’s keys that hints towards their chest location.
  • Added support for the Purified Fragment’s cooldown to the Timers plugin.
  • Callisto, Venenatis and Vet’ion now display their pet threshold information in the Drop viewer.
  • Dragon and Crystal pickaxes now increase your max hit when mining Zalcano while she is downed by 1 and 2, respectively.
  • Zalcano’s drop doubling effect now happens before the roll for Corrupted fragments. As a result of this, if a Crystal shard drop is doubled, you will also get double rolls for a Corrupted fragment.


  • Fixed the description of the ‘Grow a Palm tree west of the Tree Gnome Village’ task, which incorrectly stated players had to grow a Yew tree west of the Lumbridge castle.
  • Changed the dialogue when attempting to enter Skotizo’s arena to no longer incorrectly warn players about their items being lost if they die inside.
  • Fixed an issue where categories in the fourth column of the task interface’s type filter dropdown menu were not correctly applying when clicked.
  • Fixed a typo in the Gauntlet weekly challenge description.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Pet thresholds on the Drop viewer where the example used to explain thresholds was off by one.
  • Fixed a bug where Magic level boosts were prevented from being drained while an Imbued heart effect was active. The Saturated - heart retains this property, but only if the boosted level is not higher than the heart’s own boost.
  • Fixed a bug where the chatbox could sometimes disappear if you tried to open another interface while AFK.
  • Fixed an issue with the Phantom Muspah where the timing of the check used to determine if you took off-damage prayer for - purposes of completing tasks requiring you to not take avoidable damage did not line up with the actual damage taken check. This change results in a time window that is one tick longer for correctly completing the tasks.
  • Crystal shard and Corrupted fragment rates have been rebalanced:
    • The base chance to obtain a Corrupted fragment when a Crystal shard is obtained has been increased from 1% to 3%.
    • The increases to the chance to obtain Corrupted fragments from the Prifddinas achievements have been increased from 10% to 25% each.
    • The chance to obtain a Crystal shard when Mining in the Trahaern mine has been increased from 1/50 to 1/40.
    • The chance to obtain a Crystal shard when Woodcutting in Prifddinas has been increased from 1/50 to 1/30.
    • There is now a 50% chance to obtain two Crystal shards instead of one when using the shortcut portal in the Prifddinas Agility course.
    • Increased the maximum amount of Crystal shards that Zalcano can drop to 12, up from 8.
    • Increased the amount of Crystal shards obtained from completing the Gauntlet from 3-7 to 6-14.
    • Increased the amount of Crystal shards obtained from completing the Corrupted Gauntlet from 5-9 to 10-18.
    • Increased the amount of Crystal shards obtained from Chopping a grown Crystal tree from 3 per patch life to 5 per patch life.
    • Increased the chance for monsters in the Iorwerth Slayer dungeon to drop Crystal shards from 1/12 to 1/5.
    • Superior monsters in the Iorwerth Slayer dungeon now have a guaranteed drop of 3-5 Crystal shards, up from 2-4.
    • Reduced the amount of Crystal shards received from trading in Enhanced teleport crystal seeds to Amrod from 150 to 15.
  • Made some changes to Wilderness emblems:
    • Increased the base amount of charge gained by killing monsters from (20 + (280 * (min(250, combatLevel) ^ 1.5))) to (50 + (450 * (min(250, combatLevel) ^ 1.5)))
    • Increased the boss charge multiplier from 6x to 8x.
    • Increased the demiboss charge multiplier from 3x to 4x.
    • Increased the Slayer multiplier from 1.2x to 1.5x
    • Increased the Revenant caves and Mage Arena multipliers from 2x to 3x.
    • Reduced the base amount of charge gained by pickpocketing from low-level rogues from 25 to 15.
    • Reduced the base amount of charge gained by pickpocketing from high-level rogues from 50 to 35.
    • Increased the base amount of charge gained by catching Black salamanders from 70 to 120.
    • Increased the base amount of charge gained by catching Black chinchompas from 90 to 180.
    • Increased the amount of charge gained by killing minion NPCs (NPCs spawned by another NPC) from 2 to 20.
    • Fixed a bug where the Empowered KBD counted as a minion NPC which resulted in it granting a massively reduced amount of emblem charge.


  • Does this section even serve a purpose?