03/08/24 | Patch Notes - Prifddinas

Hey there, everyone!

We are exceptionally proud to finally present the release of Prifddinas! Within these patch notes, we’ll go over what members will be able to expect within this massive content expansion; however we won’t be spending too-too much time on explaining all of the little details or this patch would go on near forever!

Alongside the release of Prif, we’ll have a handful of changes, updates, and bug fixes that can be found at the very bottom of this page! Get cozy, grab something to snack on, and let’s get started.


Neox Staff


Prifddinas, or colloquially known as the City of Elves, is the latest content expansion within Neox. This magical land is home to several new minigames for members to progress through to unlock powerful new weapons, armor, and utility tools, along with a large variety of new shops and areas to explore! We’re very excited to be able to finally introduce this expansive piece of content and all of the activities that come with! Over the next little section, we’ll touch base on the q-notes version of this magical land including means of access and what to expect!

Getting There

Getting there is easy enough, it’s being allowed inside that can be a little tricky. Access to Prifddinas can be gained through one of two ways: completion of the new Crystal City miniquest - which should take about an hour - or through the Priddinas access pass from the credit store. It’s worth noting, however, that the access pass will not grant any of the rewards associated with the miniquest and will solely grant access to the city.

Although we strongly encourage members to to complete the miniquest, we’ve decided to add the access pass as an alternative for members who do not wish to participate in that kind of content or are unable to do so due to its requirements, such as a level 3 skiller account who will not be able to complete the combat-oriented sections of the miniquest.


Once either the miniquest has been complete, or the pass has been purchased and consumed, members will be able to quickly teleport there through the Neox Portal at home, also using it to quickly access both Zalcano and The Gauntlet.

Courtesy of Bryce, there’s already been a Crystal City Guide posted on the Discord!

What To Expect

With Prifddinas being as expansive as it is, members will be able to pursue competitive placements for new minigames, equipment upgrades in all different kinds of categories, and new activities to partake in to strengthen their accounts. Within this section, we’ll go over some of the more highlighted areas and activities for members to explore and what purpose(s) they’ll serve within the game.

The Access Miniquest
A recreation of the ever infamous Song of Elves quest, the traditional route for unlocking Prifddinas content will be done through a custom questline featuring some familiar faces! The quest itself has a set of requirements and will house a returning foe that members will later be able to challenge again and again for recurring rewards! It's worth noting that this quest will require the completion of the Lumbridge Tourist and Neox Ruler achievements, and level 70 in the following skills: Agility, Crafting, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, and Woodcutting.

As a small bit of advice regarding the final boss, they’re particularly weak to magic, so a good Magic level and some mid-level Magic combat equipment is recommended, along with some healing supplies. For more information, be sure to check out Bryce’s Crystal City Guide on our official Discord!

The Gauntlet and Corrupted Gauntlet
The gauntlet is a solo minigame in which the challenger is given a set window of time to explore through a randomly generated dungeon where they'll gather various resources and supplies by skilling and defeating crystalline monsters, all in preparation to defeat the Crystalline Hunllef! Our iteration of this design doesn't deviate too far from the original game, however with the introduction of modifiers through the respective Prifddinas achievements, players will experience a substantially improved quality of life through their runs!
Things are about to get interesting!

With the achievement lines such as Gauntlet Challenger, Prifddinas Citizen, and Prifddinas Noble, members are able to unlock Gauntlet perks!

Tasks and Achievements
What would a Neox update be without a handful of tasks and corresponding achievements? With the introduction of Prifddinas, members will be able to work their way through a new batch of different tasks that will progress their achievement locks. Who doesn't like benefits?
A few of the new available achievements and some of their rewards!

There’s been over 120 tasks added along with 7 achievements!

Crystal Singing
The process in which members will be able to craft their crystal items, crystal singing involves the use of Crystal Shards and the Singing Bowl found within Prifddinas! These items include crystal equipment, crystal armor, and enhanced crystal keys! Use of these bowls requires various smithing and crafting levels, however if you're missing the requirements, you can pay a visit to either Conwenna or Reese who'll be found near the bowls!

We actually didn’t change anything too interesting about crystal singing! Base design purists rejoice.

Iowerth Slayer Dungeon
Found in the South-West part of Prifddinas, the Iowerth Dungeon is home to several slayer monsters as well as some traitorous Iowerth Warriors! For the most part, this dungeon has been designed true to the nature of the original game, however we've put a handful of improvements into a few different areas that really help to spicen up the experience:
    - The dungeon has been modified to be multi-target to make bursting through tasks much easier.
    - The monsters drop crystal shards, and by extension corrupted fragments.
    - The Prifdinnas achievement rewards massively buff the amount of superior monsters you'll find in there.
    - There's Krakens which can be farmed whilst off-task.
    - There's a new chest located in the beginning of the dungeon that, once unlocked, will automatically pick up all the loot!
"I should go and get that achievement done!" -Fweddy, a non-achievement gamer.

This dungeon contains the following monsters: Moss Giants (84), Kurasks (106), Iowerth Warriors (108), Waterfiends (115), Mutated Bloodvelds (123), Dark Beasts (182), and Greater Nechryaels (200); we’ve also added in Krakens (127)! It’s also worth noting that loot picked up from the chest will need to be collected from the chest at the end, where members can decide what they’d like to do with it.

Elf Thieving
Thieving from the Elves found in Prifddinas isn't too different from the process of the ones in Lletya (click and forget), however the loot potential is infinitely more interesting! In Prifddinas, the Elves have a chance to give Crystal Shards when pickpocketed, as well as a rare chance to give an Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed! Keep those fingers nimble.
So many elf pockets, so little time!

With the Thieving Skilling Cape, Ardougne Noble Achievement, Gloves of Silence, and Prifddinas Noble Achievement completed, members will be able to reach a 100% success rate pickpocketing Elves! Maximum AFK grinding.

Crystal Implings
The behavior of Crystal Implings hasn't deviated from the original game. Requiring 80 Hunter to catch with a butterfly net and impling jar, or 90 Hunter for a bare-handed catch, these implings can only be found as a rare spawn within Prifddinas!

Crystal Implings have a guaranteed chance to drop Crystal Shards, among other goodies!

Crystal Tree
Exclusively grown within Prifddinas, Crystal Trees require 74 Farming to plant. Once planted and grown, the tree can be harvested using an axe to gain Crystal Shards scaling with the type of compost used, and a chance at gaining bird nests. It's worth noting that Magic Secateurs and the Farming Cape have no effect on the yield.

Currently, none of the other Farming related achievements will have an affect on the Crystal Tree. Perhaps… in the future?

Prifddinas Agility Course
Much like a few of the other fairly baseline content pieces of Prifddinas, the agility course hasn't deviated from the design of the original game! Requiring 75 agility to initiate, members may start the course by using the ladder near the North-West bank.

With usage of the portal shortcuts, the Prifddinas Agility Course becomes impossible to fail at 91 Agility.

Crystal Chest + Enchanced Crystal Chest
Aside from the drastic quality of life improvement in allowing members to use multiple keys at a time, not much has been changed to the Crystal Chest! With the introduction, however, of the Enchanced Crystal Chest, that's where things begin to get interesting. We've modified the loot table of this chest to include Dragonstone Armor, Onyxes, and a couple of other loot table adjustments.

To add, much like the Crystalystar, the Enhanced Crystal Chest has its own version of the lovely pony… only slightly more corrupt.

Item Unlocks
First, it's worth mentioning that the most important currency found within just about every facet of Prifddinas is the Crystal Shard. These shards act as the lifeblood of just about every unlock to be had in this region, acting as the base catalyst for every item creation recipe. In good news, whether you're cutting trees, thieving from elves, or running laps on the rooftops, just about every interaction within Prifddinas will generate said shards; the bad news... is that they don't come in very quickly. There's plenty of weapons, skilling tools, and armors to be unlocked, however we'll just quickly touch base on the most renown:
- Blade of Saeldor

The Blade of Saeldor provides the highest strength and slash bonus out of any weapon for its attack speed. It is tied for the strongest one-handed melee weapon with the Ghrazi Rapier and Inquisitor’s Mace. It requires 80 Attack to wield, and can be corrupted for 1,000 Crystal Shards to prevent degrading.

Created with: 1x Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed; 100x Crystal Shards
- Bow of Faerdhinen

The Bow of Faerdhinen has the highest ranged attack and ranged strength bonus out of any weapon for its attack speed. It requires 80 Ranged and 70 Agility to wield, and can be corrupted for 2,000 Crystal Shards to prevent degrading.

Created with: 1x Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed; 100x Crystal Shards
- Crystal Helm

The Crystal Helm requires 70 Defence to equip. When equipped, a 2.5% damage bonus and 5% accuracy bonus is applied when using the Crystal Bow or Bow of Faerhinen; this bonus is able to stack with the Crystal Legs and Crystal Body’s bonuses, for a total of 15% damage and 30% accuracy.

Created with: 1x Crystal Armor Seed; 50x Crystal Shards
- Crystal Body

The Crystal Body requires 70 Defence to equip. When equipped, a 7.5% damage bonus and 15% accuracy bonus is applied when using the Crystal Bow or Bow of Faerhinen; this bonus is able to stack with the Crystal Helm and Crystal Legs’ bonuses, for a total of 15% damage and 30% accuracy.

Created with: 3x Crystal Armor Seed; 150x Crystal Shards
- Crystal Legs

The Crystal Legs requires 70 Defence to equip. When equipped, a 5% damage bonus and 10% accuracy bonus is applied when using the Crystal Bow or Bow of Faerhinen; this bonus is able to stack with the Crystal Helm and Crystal Body’s bonuses, for a total of 15% damage and 30% accuracy.

Created with: 2x Crystal Armor Seed; 100x Crystal Shards
- Crystal Axe

The Crystal Axe requires 71 Woodcutting to use, along with 50 Agility and 70 Attack to wield it. It possess the same special attack as the Dragon Axe, and gives the player a 15% increase in efficiency chopping logs over the Rune Axe, surpassing the 10% increase of the Dragon Axe.

Created with: 1x Crystal Tool Seed; 120x Crystal Shards
- Crystal Harpoon

The Crystal Harpoon requires 71 Fishing to use, along with 50 Agility and 70 Attack to wield it. While fishing, it provides a 35% increased catch rate over the regular Harpoon, and a 12.5% faster rate than a Dragon Harpoon.

Created with: 1x Crystal Tool Seed; 120x Crystal Shards
- Crystal Pickaxe

The Crystal Pickaxe requires 71 Mining to use, along with 50 Agility and 70 Attack to wield it. It possesses the same special attack as the Dragon Pickaxe, and is effectively 3.03% faster than a Dragon Pickaxe.

Created with: 1x Crystal Tool Seed; 120x Crystal Shards, 1x Dragon Pickaxe
/ / / / - Dragonstone Armor

The Dragonstone Armor set offers the exact same defensive stats as Runite Armor. All pieces also require 40 Defence to equip.

Acquired by: Enhanced Crystal Chest loot
Which is your favorite?

As you may have noticed, each of the item creation recipes require additional materials aside from the Crystal Shards, including the Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds and the Crystal Tool Seeds! Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds will drop from The Gauntlet, and Crystal Tool Seeds will drop from Zalcano.

Zalcano is a demon imprisoned beneath Prifddinas that is fought using skilling rather than conventional combat! Being immune to traditional combat damage, players must use their Mining, Smithing, and Runecraft skills to create Imbued Tephra to destroy her stone armor, and then mine her into oblivion. We've made a handful of adjustments to this boss that should drastically improve upon the experience:
    - Instances are now available for this boss.
    - Onyx drops are much more commonly received from as a reward.
    - There's a chance to get Corrupted Fragments for the Fragment of Seren fight.
    - The time the boss stays downed is much longer so that soloing is more viable.

With achievements influencing quite a bit of the gameplay, this is no exception! Achievement rewards from both the Prifddinas Citizen and Noble lines will give a chance to duplicate drops as well as reduce damage taken.

In summary, Prifddinas was a monumental undertaking and we’re incredibly happy to finally be able to share it with the community! These patch notes hardly touch on all of the content that’s being introduced within this patch, but realistically… we didn’t want to end up regurgitating too much information from the Wikis. We’d wanted to thank everyone for their patience when it came to the production of this particular piece of content, and it’s safe to say we’d learned a lot through the process.

We’ve so much planned for the future and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Patch Summary

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • Added a Motherlode mine teleport to the portal on Neox Island.
  • Added 2 new titles to be distributed as rewards for the Bingo event.


  • The wheels in the Motherlode mine now take 60 minutes to break after being repaired, increased from 2 minutes.
  • Collecting ore from the sack in the Motherlode mine will now attempt to deposit the collected ore directly into your resource bag, if possible.
  • The game message sent when picking plants (such as Flax) is now filtered.
  • The Crystal of memories will no longer store your location when used from within The Nightmare’s arena.
  • The Aerial fishing bird now travels at constant time, rather than constant speed. This means the time it takes to reach its destination is always the same regardless of the distance between you and the target, making the training method much more consistent.
  • When dying with a resource bag, the items inside are no longer removed from it, unless you were killed by another player. In that case, the items will now drop to the killer in noted form, if possible.
  • Increased the protection value of the Armadyl Godsword.
  • Made some changes to the way the Bank reorganizes items that are withdrawn or moved in order to address recent bugs.
  • When opening the preset manager interface, global keybinds are now only disabled if the preset manager’s own keybinds are enabled.


  • Jar of spirits drops now trigger a broadcast.
  • Fixed a typo in the name of the Shattered relics variety ornament kit.
  • Fixed an issue where Lizardmen did not actually drop the Xeric’s Talisman as stated in the drop viewer.
  • Fixed a bug where Nex could sometimes die twice per kill.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nexling pet would show interaction options for players other than their owner.
  • Fixed an issue where increased experience gained in the Wilderness modifiers were applied in the safe zone around Ferox Enclave.
  • Fixed an error that could happen when attempting to load a preset when you don’t have any presets saved.
  • Fixed an issue with default preset settings.


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