02/28/24 | Minor Update - Phantom Muspah

Hey there, Neoxians!

Muspah has finally arrived! Along with this boss, we’ll be looking to bring in some very minor QOL stuff from the reported bugs and suggestions, (however that won’t really be the primary focus for this particular patch), as well as the announcement for our very first bingo event! With an aim to keep these notes short and sweet, let’s get started!

Neox Staff

The Phantom Muspah

The Phantom Muspah is a multiphase boss that will challenge its opposers with a variety of attacks requiring different prayer, forms that will require specific attacks to get through, and attacks that will alter the entire arena! It’s by no means an easy fight, but one that will both equally challenge and reward those able to take it on and come out on top!

A big thanks to Keiron for being our video star! He died at the end.

Alongside the introduction of the boss itself, we’ve also brought in its respective drop table, introducing means for members to create the Venator Bow, the Ancient Sceptre, and the Saturated Heart! The boss will also include 17 new tasks related to the Phantom Muspah, a new achievement (“The Phantom”) and corresponding title, and a hidden title that’s unlocked in an exceptionally amusing fashion.

For members who find themselves brave enough to take on the challenge, or simply want to poke their heads into the lair of the Muspah and then run away, access to the boss can be found through the home island’s teleport either through the search bar, or under the “Bosses” category.

Good luck out there, hunters!

Community Bingo Event

Now, for the second part of our patch notes for today, the newest community event: Bingo! After a fair bit of deliberation on how we’d wanted to time this particularly spicy event, it was decided what better a way to include a little extra spice than by starting it at the same time as Muspah is released (what with it having a spot specifically for Muspah and all that)! With this event, members will be encouraged to group up into teams of 3 (although anything less is perfectly alright as well) and work their way through the Bingo chart, earning rewards for completing the independent rows, columns, the diagonal, and actively gaining points based on each cell’s difficulty to unlock tiered rewards and titles!

More information outlining the event guidelines can be found on the Community Discord, where we’ll be encouraging people to make up their teams and generating private channels for them to discuss strategy as well as track the drops! Hopefully we’ll see you there.

Patch Summary

Although this patch is fairly like in terms of bug fixes, we’ll be looking towards putting our best effort into tending to the community bug reports and suggestions in the next one! Additionally, Prif is right around the corner, however we’ll be sharing a little bit more information regarding that in the near future.

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • Added a new boss, the Phantom Muspah.
    • Can be accessed in the Ghorrock Dungeon, which is reached through an entrance in the Weiss cave. Alternatively, the teleport portal home can also take you there.
    • The Phantom Muspah drops materials to create the Venator bow, a new bow with a unique effect that allows arrows fired from it to bounce to additional targets, and the Ancient sceptre, an upgraded version of the Ancient staff.
    • The Ancient essence dropped by the boss can be used to upgrade an Imbued heart into a Saturated heart, which improves the strength of its boost, reduces its cooldown time, and makes the boost not decay over time.
    • Ancient essence can also be used to upgrade Ancient brews into Forgotten brews, improving its effects.
  • Added 17 new tasks related to the Phantom Muspah.
    • As the Phantom Muspah is accessed through Weiss, these tasks are also part of the Fremennik category.
  • Added a new achievement, “The Phantom”. Requires completing all of the Phantom Muspah’s tasks, and unlocks a new unique title.
  • Added a new secret title.
  • Completing a challenge mode run of the Chambers of Xeric within the target time now grants a 1/25 chance to obtain a Twisted Ancestral colour kit. This kit can be used on Ancestral robes to change their appearance.


  • Resource bags are no longer always lost on death.


  • It is now possible to add a Sulliuscep cap to a pie shell in order to create a Raw mushroom pie. Cooking and eating a Mushroom pie heals 8 hitpoints and temporarily boosts Crafting by 4 levels.
  • Dragon knives are now properly consumed when using their special attack.
  • Fixed some variants of Warriors not having the correct stats or animations.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to sometimes receive null pets from the pet mystery box.


  • Nothing was removed this patch!