10/17/23 | Minor Update - Upcoming Improvements

Hey there, everyone!

When a specific skill has been looked at in consideration for improvement, there’s numerous facets to consider. To start? We take a step back, look at the skill as a whole, and weigh our experiences alongside member feedback towards it… and really, we go from there. It’s a precarious line to toe when trying to improve on the experience in regards to the ebb and flow: will the rewards track validate the time investment? Will these improvements have any long-term effects that need to be considered? Will the changes we make… well, will they actually improve upon the general experience of skill engagement? There’s a lot to consider, but honestly, that’s half the fun!

With recent community feedback, the skills we need to look at next have been made abundantly clear. Following this post, our next focus regarding content will be improvements upon the Herblore, Farming, and Runecrafting skills. Now, we can’t get too into specifics on the exact changes we’re intending to make with each, as the development process when we begin looking into ways to improve them is best described at tentative, however we might be able to provide a little bit of insight on what exactly we’re hoping to accomplish with each:

Herblore: Our goal with herblore is super simple: we wish to alleviate the current concern for and stringency of high-demand herblore secondaries.

Farming: With farming, we have several goals in mind: we’d like to introduce changes with the intent of reducing overall farm run times (such as the potential increase of harvesting speed), and we’d like to increase the yield for items that are used as secondary ingredients for potions (such as berries, limpwurt roots, etc).

Runecrafting: Like farming, there’s several pain points we’re going to be looking when it comes to runecrafting: making low level talismans more easily accessible, reworking the acquisition method for pouches, improve the pouch usability (such as removing the delay, and automatically using the essence within the pouches), and significantly increase the rune output.

Though these are the some of the considerations when adjusting these skills, we want to put a solid emphasis that these plans are tentative in that they may be expanded upon in a variety of ways, or adjusted to a particular fashion.

As mentioned within the last community addressment, we’re intending to be substantially more transparent with game direction as a whole, and this is our first step towards doing so. From now on, articles such as these containing development goals and considerations will be posted regularly!

Thanks for being here with us,

Neox Staff