10/19/23 | Minor Update - Tournament Updates

Hey there, everyone!

For this update, we’ll keep it short and sweet! When we’d originally introduced the tournament system, it served its very baseline purpose: provide a battleground for members to duke it out in a randomized, elimination style format until there was one contender left standing to crown the victor! With what’s become a fairly high demand server activity, we wanted to take some time and build upon it in a way to make the activity significantly more engaging and worthwhile to participate in (especially for those who’re a little less apt in the ring).

Within our next patch, the tournament system within Neox will receive the following additions and improvements:

Participation points will now be given to all members who participate. These points are account bound and will act as a currency to be spent within a new store that will feature unique cosmetics, Neox skilling items, loyalty vouchers, and allow for conversions to blood money.

Tournaments will now be automatically scheduled and randomized from a large pool for different formats. Notifications will be significantly more clear on when a tournament is happening and how long until it begins.

The chat box has been integrated with a localized chat for spectating members to interact with one another when viewing bouts between the combatants!

Among these additions, several of the more tedious interactions and bugs have also been fixed.

Worry not, Hardcore players, deaths within the tournament are considered safe and will not cause you to lose your status. Feel free to join in on the chaos!

With this introduction, and the several more we have planned revolving around community events and engagement, we’re hoping to foster a lot more member involvement and interaction with one another.

Thanks, and see you on the battlefield!

Neox Staff