09/07/23 | Minor Update - Starting Discord Integration

Hey there, everyone!

For today’s community focused goal, we’d wanted to begin bridging the connection between the server and the Discord. The majority of the day was spent laying the groundwork for the upcoming features we intend to add, though we did get the beginning of quite an expansive system into place! When a member within the game accomplished something noteworthy, their achievement will be displayed both with a broadcast throughout the server, but will also be automatically shared within the Discord community as well!

An accomplishment being printed within the game! The colors... are still a work in progress.

An accomplishment being printed within the Discord! The colors... can't actually be set on Discord.

This system will include broadcasts for level progressions, unique drops, tiered task and achievement completions, and all kinds of noteworthy member accomplishments! As we continue to not only expand upon this system, but the others of the same fashion we’re fully intending to introduce, we hope to continue weaving elements of the project as a whole further into one another in an organic, exciting way. This is but the beginning of a lot more to come!


Neox Staff