08/81/23 | Minor Update - Something Different

Hey there, everyone!

Typically, when we do an update post, we’ll include a relevant picture to the type-up within, maybe a cheeky caption or two, and then a teaser as the end note; this time, we’d wanted to try something different. Straying from the very much beaten path of our formulaic approach to an update post, we just wanted to take a minute to share our thoughts regarding the project thus far.

Outright, we couldn’t be any happier with the direction the entirety of it has been taking. We’ve gotten extremely lucky with everyone who’s taken interest in the project and applied for testing it out and has helped to shape and guide us. Since our original wave to the world, we’ve managed to bolster up the beta tester ranks with nearly 150 members, the majority of which willing to share their time and patience with us in trying our project, discovering and sharing some of the most unimaginably obscure bugs, and just providing feedback of their overall experience. With Neox, we want to make something that doesn’t necessarily shatter the mould of what defines an rsps (something we’re perfectly fine leaving for the pathfinders and trailblazers of the scene), as we’re content with just making something that people can enjoy and that we can be proud of being able to call our own. Without the help of the early settlers in our projects, this just wouldn’t be possible and so for that we couldn’t be more thankful.

To all of you who’ve been actively supporting us through one of the different outlets you might have stumbled across us in, even with just a passing word of encouragement, we’d wanted to thank you as well. Seeing the growing interest in our project is no doubt relatable to the ever cliche double-edged sword, both fueling us as motivation to keep pushing, but making us feel like we can never seemingly push ourselves hard enough to deliver what’s so deservingly owed.

With each passing day, it seems like we inevitably move the goal posts of when we imagine we’ll be confident in a release, but continue to take a step towards getting there. At the very core of our being, as a collective team, we want the launch itself to be nothing short of spectacular, in a way that those who’ve poured both their faith and time into our project can take a step back and appreciate the culmination of their efforts. Corny, we know, but it’s how we see it. One day, soon enough, we’ll be in the position to run the advertising push that sends the signal to the world that we’re finally there.

To those who’d taken the time to read through all of this near mindless rambling, it’s you that makes us want to keep doing what we’re doing: pushing the boundaries that we believed were set; putting in the extra couple of hours that it might take on even the most tedious of processes to make sure it’s at the level you deserve; pouring ourselves, as the developers, into something that we’re hoping will one day grow to be bigger than just us. More than anything, we want each of you to be as proud of our project as we are.

Tomorrow’s update post will continue along the same format. For a moment, we’d just wanted to take a little time and convey who we are, what we’re about, and what we’re hoping to achieve… we’d wanted to do something different. If any of what you may have read resonated with you? Well, we’re always able to make a little more space within our beta for one or two more; maybe… we’ll see you there?


Neox Staff