08/30/23 | Minor Update - Settings Rework

Hey there, everyone!

Currently, there’s a very misconstrued and notable divide in the direction to which players opt for modifying their settings through the preferences tab in the client, and those who dive a little deeper into the “All Settings” interface. The problem with this is it can lead to a bit of confusion on which one is responsible for actually taking the intended effect, and which one… well, doesn’t really work at all or do anything (looking at you, preferences tab). To resolve this? Well…

So many boxes, what happens if you click them all?

We’ve begun customizing and implementing a unique addition to the internal settings interface which will allow for players to toggle through several of Neox’s unique features (such as unclaimed task rewards and challenge progress), as well as housing the original settings but in a way that has them operating significantly more efficient and concise (or in other words… correctly). Ultimately, our primary focus in this big revision is to centralize all of the settings and to introduce some QOL options to the players as a whole with some of the custom settings we’ll be introducing. Also, this just simply wouldn’t be a proper Neox style update post if it didn’t contain some hint to a potential future reveal, so on that note: the integration of all these settings within the current preferences tab to the new settings interface is going to leave one big gaping space where that tab used to be, so what ever shall we put in its place? Stay tuned!


Neox Staff