07/27/23 | Minor Update - Skully and the Basilisk

Hey there, everyone!

For today’s update, we’ll be keeping it short and sweet. There’s going to be a significantly more informative beta update post coming here very soon, so we’ll get right down the marrow with this minor update on what to expect!

Touching base on yesterday’s mention of the overhaul on the challenge system, that’s very quickly coming to a closure and we’ll be looking to push it to the beta server for significantly more testing. We’re exceptionally excited to bring this particular piece of content forward and into the light to share with our growing community as it’s been quite the challenge in bringing everything together surrounding it. Alongside the overhaul on the challenge system we’re also putting the finishing touches on fully implementing Skully and all of his rather abrasive candor (and with him, a fully functioning loot key system to further improve upon the wilderness QOL).

We apologize for our developers' rather questionable taste in fashion.

We’ve also begun implementing the Basilisk Knight as an NPC and all surrounding content such as their respective dungeon and the possibility of receiving them as a slayer task; don’t forget to bring your shields!

That’s all for now, thanks again for the continued support. We shall keep everyone updated as we have more to share. As always, feel free to join our Discord and join the community discourse.


Neox Staff