07/28/23 | Minor Update - Loot Key Testing

Hey there, everyone!

After some deliberation, we’ve decided we’re going to stave off on posting our big patch notes until Monday. Alongside that, we’ll also be looking to reopen Beta Testing applications, so for anyone who’s interested, definitely keep an eye open early next week for when the ribbon is snipped on that event. Today’s updates are super tiny as they primarily consisted of some content testing! As mentioned in yesterday’s miniature update, we’ve pushed through both an overhaul to the challenge system alongside the implementation of the loot keys. Having gone through some preliminary testing, we’d discovered some really interesting interactions between loot keys and having two players die at the same time; which, after some extensive research into the matter, seems to be inconclusive and so for now we’ve just replicated what seems to be the general consensus of how osrs handles their “two people with loot keys who kill each other at the same time” approach. The challenge system itself has not been so thoroughly tested quite yet, and we’ve even more to go through regarding the loot keys, but all in time!

As mentioned, we’ll only be posting these smaller updates on a Monday-Friday schedule (that is unless, like in this instance, a massive patch note is going to be generated and shared on the Monday and will override this). We’ve also been having a few debates regarding the proper showcase of the features our server is offering and feel we could do a better job reflecting that within the main project thread, so we’ll likely look to make some changes to the main thread itself within the next week or so as well (following collecting a ton more media).

Anywho, thanks for staying involved to those of you who’re interested in what we’re doing. We hope to continue slowly growing our community and grinding away. As always, feel free to join our Discord and join the community discourse.


Neox Staff