09/14/23 | Minor Update - Recipe For Disaster

Hey there, everyone!

The further we’re able to develop and integrate our ideas into the server, the further we’re able to shape its identity. At its very heart, Neox is a server we intend for players to be able to adventure through, discovering and conquering everything from the biggest of mountains, to the tiniest of hills. It’s a project we’ll continue to build upon for the long foreseeable future, and with that, introduce all kinds of new systems and things to do! For today’s update post, we’ve continued to expand upon our questing system and have introduced our version of Recipe For Disaster… and with it, the rewards!

Our philosophy behind the introduction of this new questline and the items with it is to encourage players to explore through the various tasks throughout the server, growing their account, and in doing so, continue their progression in unlocking the ever renown questline gloves. Each of them, leading up to Barrows, can be unlocked by simply playing through our world and completing the tasks within. In doing so, players will continue to advance their progression through the “Neox” achievement line and with it, unlock different sets of the gloves. Every pair of gloves proceeding the Barrows pair can be unlocked in this fashion, however the final pair will be unlocked with our newly introduced Recipe for Disaster quest.

Now, we won’t go spoiling everything surrounding this quest, as some things are better left to surprises, but let’s just say those who’ve finished the questline as it was originally designed should be prepared for the challenges to come within this one!


Neox Staff