09/15/23 | Minor Update - Dragon Slayer

Hey there, everyone!

When we’d first started Neox, we aimed to create an environment and dynamic that would allow for players to progress and build upon their accounts as they explored our humble project. Whilst doing, they’d be able to complete tasks, pursue achievements, and experience all the nuances throughout the world of Neox. We wanted to provide an adventure that justly rewarded players for their time, which leads us to today’s update post… Dragon Slayer!

As with yesterday’s update, we’ve introduced another miniature questline to the server that will have players taking on an old familiar foe and unlocking access to the next tier of weapons in defeating them! What better a way to prove yourself worth of wielding dragon weapons than slaying a dragon? Players who complete this miniature quest will unlock access to purchasing dragon weapons from the various vendors of Neox!

We've also added a quick-loot option for members who have a vendetta and wish to repeat the fight for additional drops!

With this being the third questline added within Neox, we’d figured it was about time to give them their own category as well for making navigation just a little bit easier! Following today’s update, members will now be able to find a “Miniquests” category within their “Tasks, Challenges, and Achievements” tab. As we continue to introduce more and more questlines within the game (with the full intent of writing our very own in the near future), we’re looking forward to watching the category itself grow.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of the project thus far! This will be the final update for the week, and we shall see you again come Monday. As a reminder, the Spawn Beta period will begin on Sunday, the 17th, so prepare yourselves for the chaos to come. We will make an official announcement within the discord once the flood gates have been opened.


Neox Staff