09/05/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Settings, the Website, Plugins, and More

Hey there, everyone! For today’s patch notes, we’ve got quite a bit to share. It’s been an incredibly busy and productive last little while within Neox, so we’ll do our very best to outline all of the recent changes, fixes, and introductions of exciting new elements within the game. Climb aboard, buckle up, and let’s get started!


Neox Staff


For the more diligent of update readers, you’re no doubt already well aware it was within our scope to reform the settings within Neox in a way that makes them significantly more manageable (such as removing the redundant overlapping of the two pre-existing menus), and to overall just tighten up both the response and effectiveness of them as a whole. Within this patch, we’ve finally pushed through said modifications and have placed all settings within a new home and introduced a customized tab that will allow for players to make adjustments to the unique systems within Neox.

Members will now be able to toggle options such as specific broadcast messages, Neox task interactions and notifications, and even varied confirmation checks for the player who needs only be asked once! In place of the old settings menu button, we’ve since divided the old, overloaded navigation menu and placed all information relevant to a member’s account within.


Hopefully this should make things a little easier to navigate.

The Website

One of the major features within these particular patch notes is the release and open access of our website. We’ve spent many a long night working to finally getting this in place (which means no more automatic blog redirections!), so we’re very much quite excited to finally share our website with everyone. For those interested in checking it out themselves, please click here.

A small preview of the homepage.

The website itself is intended to act as a central hub for the majority of outside game elements, including the hiscores, voting page, and an account management page that will allow for members to implement 2FA (which is a task within the game!), validate their emails, connect their Discord accounts with their profiles, and of course the standard account support features. As the website is currently open to the public, this also means that the registration is also available (though accounts generated won’t have access to the beta by default), so make sure to snag your name in advance!

We’ll be continuing to smooth out any kinks found within the website during its use. If you happen to stumble across any issues during your exploration or utilization, please consider taking the time to report them within our Discord and we’ll get it sorted as soon as possible!

Website Hiscores

One of the features within the website we’re incredible proud of and excited to see the community involvement within is the hiscores! Currently, the hiscores include a variety of different filters than can be applied to modify the search results (such as account game mode selected, the XP mode that’s been set, and the numerous builds), a ton of different default categories that track player progression across a wide variety of activities within the server, and will allow for players to click each member’s name for a more indepth look into their profile.

The landing of the default hiscores page. We see you, Robo!

Listings will also include different icons to signify account information at face value, such as the experience difficulty they’re playing on by the color of the sword beside their name, the account type by the type of corresponding helmet, and their position within the leaderboard. Of course, as mentioned, these listings can be sorted by utilizing the upper navigation within the page to live update the display.

There's even timers for the selected durations!

Clicking on a member’s entry will take you to their page where you’re able to view a bunch of different information regarding their account, such as an overall stat listing, an adventure log, and a more indepth display of their accomplishments and progression throughout Neox! As we continue to develop and release content within the project, the profile information will be updated accordingly, so stay tuned for more.


Website Voting

What would a website be without a voting page? Members who wish to earn loyalty points within the server and compete within the monthly voting competitions we’ll be hosting are invited to visit our very own voting page. The only requirement is that the member is logged into their account at the time of voting… otherwise how else would we track who’s been voting? It’s worth noting, however, that voting with multiple accounts using the same IP address will not register the votes beyond the first ones submitted, so do make sure you’re on the right account before initiating any votes!

The landing page of the voting. We really need to up our own voting game.

Voting itself couldn’t be any simpler! Simply click on one of the buttons below the listed site and follow through the process of submitted a vote. There’s no need to submit your username or modify any special fields or anything fancy like that, as we’ve tied it all up together in the back end to make the process as seamless as possible. Once your vote has been submitted and the callback received, the button will automatically update with a timer on when you’ll be able to vote again. Following that, simply speak with the Loyalty Manager at home and you’ll be able to claim your submitted votes.

It’s worth noting that the voting process itself is fully functional, however the listings are currently acting as placeholders and don’t actually contain any worthwhile media or project representation.

Website Account Management

Alongside its many other features, the website is also responsible for housing the personal account management. Within this panel, members will be able to verify their emails and set up their 2fa (both of which we absolutely advise for account security purposes), as well as link their discord accounts, or change their passwords or emails. Clicking on any of the boxes will load a pop-up menu that will allow the members to proceed accordingly.

Don't forget to link your discord account, verify your email, and set-up 2fa! Big secure.

The website itself, though finally in a state where we’re able to share it with the community and begin allowing open access, is still very much a soft work in progress that we’ll continue to hone in on as the days go by. As mentioned, if you happen to discover any odd interactions, stubborn features that refuse to work, or have general feedback regarding something we can improve upon, please feel free to share it within our Community Discord.


One of the most exciting endeavours available to us by using a Runelite client for the base (the monstrous headaches it’s regularly been causing aside), is the ability to create our own plugins that can fluidly interact with the content of our humble project. Our latest plugin, though no doubt many of you are already aware, is designed to fully compliment the task system within Neox in allowing members to track their progress outside of the game.

This plugin is designed in a way that will allow for members to view the task rewards, filters through tasks based on a large variety of filters, and will live update with their progression ingame (synced to whichever account may be logged in). For a bit more of an indepth look into the plugin, our older update post does a pretty good job outlining it.



Among many other changes we’ve made within the game, including minor alterations to gameplay systems with the intention to improve their quality of life, we’ve also taken to introducing content solely based on beta testing feedback and foresight. One of the newest additions in this regard is that of a bonfire access at the home! Players who’re interested in a slightly less attention intensive means of leveling firemaking will now be able to make use of the bonfire at the campsite to automatically feed logs into it for experience at a reduced tick rate from the normal speed.

It is worth nothing that the bonfire also accepts use of Neox logs and converts them to dust and experience as you’d expect.

This same automatic feeding system will also work with player created fires.


Above all, one of the most critical principles within Neox is the unimpaired access to every door, ladder, lever, portal, stepping stone, staircase, trap door, agility stile, and otherwise interactable object access point. It goes without saying that the very fragile essence that embodies immersion is instantaneously shattered should such an otherwise presumably navigable object be met in turn with the ever harrowing “nothing interesting happens”. Over the last short while, such discoveries (to the unparalleled dismay of the adventurer responsible) have been surfacing and have become the highest priority amidst our team for resolution. It is with great relief we can share that the a wide variety of activities, such as opening doors, climbing ladders, or pulling levers, have been corrected in a timely fashion to their intended function.


Rest assured, dearest Neoxians, knowing we will not stop our conquest until every one of these blatant transgressors has been rooted out and dealt with… without mercy.

Players will now have access to more room, thus providing more room for activities.

Patch Summary

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord. As each day passes, we draw ever closer to the closing of the beta application process and will eventually look to close the beta down as well. Over the last couple of months, the beta testing feedback and general reception has been absolutely incredible, and without the help of everyone involved this wouldn’t have been possible. With that in mind, we’d wanted to continue to thank everyone who’s taken the time to be a part of this project.



  • Settings have been fully reworked.
    • We’ve gone through every single setting in the Settings menu and ensured that they actually work. Most of them didn’t. Now they do.
    • The ‘Preferences’ tab has been removed. All the settings previously found in this tab can now be found in the Settings menu, under the new ‘Neox’ category.
    • There are also some new additions, such as the ability to hide popup notifications when completing tasks or achievements.
    • The Server Information/Player Information/Game Utilities info panels are now found where the Preferences tab used to be.
    • The ‘Journal’ tab is now a tab fully dedicated to Tasks, Challenges and Achievements. As a result of this, Challenges are no longer part of the Game Utilities tab.
    • Settings that were not relevant to Neox have been removed.
    • Changed some default setting values to ensure new players have a better experience.
  • Added a Task tracker plugin to the game client.
    • The plugin allows you to browse, filter, and search tasks on the client sidebar.
    • This means you can now easily browse tasks while doing other activities in-game!
    • The plugin’s side panel can be opened by clicking the Dragon helmet icon on the sidebar.
  • Added the Shayzien Agility course, including the advanced variant.
  • Added a ‘Teleport-previous’ option to the Slayer Master portal in Neox Island, which takes you to your most recently used option.
  • The Altar of Nature in Morytania is now accessible and functional.
  • Added a new ‘Grubby’ title. This title can be unlocked by opening the Grubby chest 25 times.
  • Added the ‘BLS’ fairy ring destination, which takes you to the Kebos Lowlands, south of Mount Quidamortem.
  • A functioning bonfire has been added to the camp site at home.
    • Players will not be able to use created fires as bonfires.


  • Reduced the Morytania points requirement for the Morytania Ruler achievement to 3,000, down from 4,000.
  • Barrows gloves now require 35 Defence to equip, rather than 41.
  • Using the ‘Farming Guild’ teleport from the Neox Island portal will now teleport you inside the guild, if you are allowed to enter it.
  • Runite golems found in the Wilderness Resource Area no longer despawn after being mined once. Instead, they will persist for one minute.
  • Completing the ‘Wilderness Champion’ achievement now doubles Runite ores received from mining the Runite golem.
  • Replaced some incorrect Monkey guard spawns in the Crash Site Cavern with Demonic Gorillas.
  • Using a Display name scroll now informs you that your previous name will be reserved for a fixed period of time.
  • Raking weeds with a full inventory will now drop them to the floor instead.
  • Juniper trees can now be chopped down.
  • Friends chats names now use a profanity filter.
  • Removed some lost Beekeepers from the Morytania Swamp. They’ve been replaced with bats.
  • It is now possible to chop the vines in Brimhaven dungeon while in combat.
  • Changed the melee weapon Ironmen start with to a Bronze scimitar, rather than a Bronze sword.
  • The Morytania Citizen achievement now rewards you with the Bonecrusher on completion, rather than requiring you to buy it from the Taskmaster.
  • Calquat trees now count towards challenges that require you to grow trees.
  • Challenges that require tasks of a specific tier or higher to be completed to progress will now only be assigned if you have enough incomplete tasks of only that specific tier, rather than incomplete tasks of that tier or above.
  • It is now possible to chop Evergreen trees.
  • Edgeville is now populated by NPCs.
  • It is now possible to create Mythical and Masori variants of the Max cape, though the latter is currently inaccessible.
  • All stairs in Keldagrim now function correctly.
  • Updated server’s Gradle and Kotlin to latest versions.


  • Fixed an issue causing chat icons to not display correctly for some players.
  • Fixed many issues with the Wintertodt fight.
  • Fixed a glitched Gargoyle spawn in the Wilderness.
  • Fixed an issue with reanimating cave/jungle horrors.
  • Fixed tasks requiring you to farm Snape grass in Morytania not actually requiring you to be in Morytania to progress.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the ‘Harvest some onions in Morytania’ to be completed with any farming patch.
  • Attempting to use a Display name scroll to change your display name to the same display name you already have will no longer consume the scroll.
  • Fixed a bug with enchant spells that would sometimes cause runes to be consumed without actually enchanting anything.
  • The Banker in Mor Ul Rek now works correctly.
  • Bandits in the Wilderness are now aggressive.
  • Calvar’ion’s and Vet’ion’s skeletal hellhounds now correctly count towards Skeletons and Hellhounds Slayer assignments.
  • Fixed some object interactions in Harmony Island not working correctly.
  • Fixed resource bag weight not being visually updated when using the coal trucks to deposit coal.
  • Fixed the Fossil Island hole shortcut not requiring 70 Agility to use.
  • Fixed 3 clue scroll steps that were not completing correctly.
  • Fixed Fight Caves displaying incorrect times.
  • Fixed a typo in the candle maker’s dialogue.
  • Attempting to perform the Angry emote now actually performs the Angry emote, rather than the Beckon emote, and vice-versa.
  • Corrected examine text for several objects.
  • Your currently selected autocast spell will now be cleared if you switch to a staff but do not have the required runes to cast that spell. This also fixes an issue where the not enough runes message would repeatedly send when banking items.
  • Fixed some monsters dropping Wilderness resources outside the Wilderness.
  • Fixed Revenant Maledictus not progressing challenges that require you to kill revenants.
  • Fixed daily/weekly/monthly challenge completion count not saving correctly.
  • Fixed one of the Lumbridge General Store shopkeepers not opening the store.
  • The Motherlode Mine shortcut will no longer prevent you from running for a few seconds after using it.
  • Fixed tasks that require specific total levels not triggering completion events.
  • Fixed a bug that could be exploited to allow you to have multiple of the same weekly or monthly challenge.
  • Changed the product of a Belladona patch to be a stackable Nightshade.
  • Cooking Neox meat at a range will now use the correct animation.
  • Tier 5 Shayzien armour stats have been updated to have positive ranged attack bonuses.
  • The Vampyric variant of the Slayer helmet now correctly functions as a Slayer helmet.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dragonbone necklace would incorrectly consume dropped bones without granting any experience. It no longer consumes bones.
  • Cerberus and hellhounds are now correctly classified as demons, allowing them to be affected by demonbane weaponry.
  • Fixed an issue with loot keys that caused withdraw-all to bank to stack items wrong.
  • Made the “Registered On” section of the player info journal display correctly.


  • Hardcore Ironmen’s hiscores entries will now update at the moment of their death.
  • Fixed the “Link” discord account button on the account page of the website.
  • Made personal hiscores pages display account build name when available over key.


  • Disabled a clue scroll step that cannot be completed currently.
  • Removed a debug alert left on registration modal of website.