08/28/23 | Minor Update - Website Progress

Hey there, everyone!

As we’d been mentioning before, we’ve finally started progressing on the website in a way that has it beginning to take shape! The website itself contains a variety of different pages, each with different modals, and each of those modals have modals, and within those mo- well, you get the point. We’ve been quite busy and are very thrilled to ever so slowly approach a stage where we can stop redirecting website traffic to our blog and instead have anyone who’s curious enough to investigate to do exactly that!

A preview of our upcoming hiscores page! Woah, look at those those task completion front runners.

Thanks again to everyone who’s continuing to stay involved and reading through these little posts, and to our ever incredible beta testing team. Also, a mighty big thanks to both ChatGBT and Bing Bot for continuing to formulate and share these updates with the community in such a poignant and timely fashion. Stay tuned, as we’ve got plans for a whole lot more!


Neox Staff