08/21/23 | Minor Update - Our Website

Hey there, everyone!

After what’s seemed like absolute ages, we’ve finally finished slicing up the website and are going to begin integrating and bridging it with the server! That’s… it, really. There’s nothing quite nearly as exciting worth sharing than that, so we’ll microphone drop there and leave you all with this:

There's so much more coming!

Just kidding, of course, we’d never be so brazen as to not elaborate just a little!… Or well, we’re a bit too proud of the turnout not to! With this being the second iteration of our website, based quite heavily on the original design, we’d made a ton of aesthetic changes that we believe will be for the absolute better (it also just looks way cooler across the board)! Our website is going to feature an updating hiscore/leaderboard with a ton of different listings and features, an adventure log that’ll track individual member ingame activities and progression, an individualized account page with a bunch of different statistics, and a ton of other really unique and exciting features! As to more pictures? Well, once everything starts clicking into place and we’ve got a little more of it integrated, there’ll be no stopping us from putting the spotlight on our site. Until then though, stay tuned, Neoxians.


Neox Staff