12/05/23 | Minor Update - Ironman Scavenger Event

Hey there, everyone!

This patch marks the start of our very first ironman scavenger event! Throughout, members are invited to experience the ironman game mode in a way that puts an interesting spin on it: they’ll be required to start anew, and explore through the world gathering specific items to be then handed in for unique prizes! The only consideration for this specific event is that members who take on the challenge will have but a week to find everything on ol’ Ghrim’s list.

Within these patch notes, we’ll outline the event details, the rewards for partaking, and some of the small QOL adjustments we’ve been able to sneak in along with it!

Thanks for reading, and good luck on the hunt!

Neox Staff

Not to worry, we'll be breaking down all the contents of this poster through this post!

Ironman Scavenger Event

With this event, our goal was to try something a little more ambitious and involved, something that would take a little longer to follow through with than the last few events and allow for a much larger, accommodating community experience. We’d aimed to create a competition where instead of having players go against each other, they can progress alongside one another with the only threat being the ever ticking clock. This event will involve the pursuit of items that act as progressional milestones through the different skills, a few that involve a little bit of luck, and a few embedded within the different Neox systems encouraging participants to explore down avenues they may not have otherwise ventured! Anywho, enough ramble… let’s get on to what this event is going to entail and how you can be a part of it!

Table of Contents

Getting Started - How to join in on the event.
Item Requirements - A breakdown of the items required to complete the scavenger hunt.
The Rewards - The rewards for completing the event.

Getting Started

Firstly, this event will require the registration of a new accounts; pre-existing ironman accounts won’t be able to pass the confirmation check from Ghrim’s, and neither will accounts that may have been created before the update regardless of their ingame activity. Once the new account has been created a logged in, do make sure you’ve selected the “Iron Man” account type and whichever difficulty you’d prefer (although we’d probably recommend the much easier ones, haha).

Once your account has been created, head on over the docks at home and look for the rather nefarious Scavenger Ghrim, for he’s the head of this particular hunt! Speaking with him and confirming you wish to be a part of the event will unlock a new additional to your Collection Log that will outline the required items to complete his challenge and be rewarded in turn!

Members will have 1 week from this post to find all the items and complete this event, or until roughly 12/13/23, 3:00am UTC!

Item Requirements

The required items to complete the bounty board and respective collection log are as listed:

Raw Shark - To be harpooned after the required fishing level is met.

Dragon Scimitar - Can be purchased from the Melee Shop at home following the Dragon Slayer miniquest.

Massive Bag of Riches - Thieved from higher level NPCs such as Rogues or Heros, or the later stages of the Pyramid Plunder minigame.

Herb Sack - Unlocked through the Slayer Shop.

Graceful Hood - Purchased from Grace using Marks of Grace by completing rooftop agility courses.

Aggression Potion - Created by combining Fossilbloom from Herbiboar with Granite Dust.

Gloves of Silence - A Taskmaster reward for the “Renowned Thief” achievement.

Alchemist’s Key - Dropped from miscellaneous NPCs including Hill Giants, Cave Bugs, or Moss Giants.

Uncut Onyx - A chance to be found within the Massive Bags of Riches.

It’s worth nothing that methods of obtaining these items besides their natural progression track (such as purchasing the Herb Sack from the donation shop or buying Raw Sharks from the shop in Canifis) have been considered and disabled! Obtaining these items will require quite a bit of different activities including skilling, questing, and task completion in order to meet achievement requirements for their respective Taskmaster unlocks.


Which of these items do you believe will be the hardest to get?

The Rewards

Once the collection log has been filled up, participants will be able to speak again with Ghrims in exchange for a Mysterious Crate! This item is a one time use consumable that will allow the contents to be claimed on the current account (for those that enjoyed their ironman experience and want to continue progressing the character), or can be used on another account in the same fashion as Neox Credits to give them the reward contents.

The rewards for completing this event include 2,500 Neox credits, unique pet Loot Goblin, and a unique title!

It’s worth noting that we’ll be actively tracking the metrics of event participation, completion, and rewards claimed! We’d like to discourage members from attempting to claim the reward numerous times in an attempt to abuse the good nature of its intent!

That concludes the Ironman Scavenger event information. As mentioned, we’ve also got a couple of small QOL improvement that’ll be coming through within this patch as well and they’ll be listed at the bottom. Regarding the status of our other development progression, we’d like to remind everyone that our Discord is now house to a roadmap that we’ll continue to update frequently found within the #content-roadmap channel.

We hope you’re all able to participate and enjoy this event! It’s a bit ambitious, certainly, however we’re going to be gauging community involvement and interest as a whole to help guide us come future events.


Patch Summary

Below will outline all changes found within this patch. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to share feedback within our Community Discord.



  • Besides this event, there wasn’t a whole lot added this patch!


  • Evil bob will no longer teleport you to his island while you’re in the Pyramid Plunder minigame.


  • Fixed a couple more Herbiboar paths that had issues.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ‘Smith an Adamant scimitar in the Wilderness Resource area’ task to not actually require you to be in the Resource area.
  • The Monkey backpack collection log slot is now correctly filled when purchasing a monkey from the Loyalty shop.
  • Skis, cursed banana and Zanik crate items now use the correct animations.


  • Nothing has been removed this time around.