10/03/23 | Minor Update - Donation Benefits

Hey there, everyone!

Throughout the development period, we’d formulated quite a large checklist for things we’d wanted to make sure were in place before launch. Among all of the big, gatekeepers of the checklist, there laid the little box beside the donator benefits, residing more as an afterthought than the forefront of our focus. As we checked them through, crossing each one out, we brought each of them up a to level we believed would be of a satisfactory state for the community to appreciate! What we’d never considered, among them all, was that the support shown by everyone since we’d first flicked that on switch would be as insanely overwhelming as it’s been, and that small consideration should have been anything but.

Neoxians, and those among you who’ve been generous enough to donate, following this post the completely reworked and improved donation benefits outlined within the below graphic will be implemented into the server.

For a completely uncompressed version of this image, please Click Here!

It took a lot of deliberation within the team to conceptualize a set of benefits that would both be intriguing and a respectable reflection to the different tiers, but not in a way that would heinously skew the balance of the game or make it outright unrealistically playable for those who show their support in other ways! By design, the credit values marked on each tier are the entry threshold for the role; by this, we mean that it’s the required amount of credits for an account to “claim” before being being automatically upgraded into that tier, not the amount purchased. Members will be able to trade Neox Credits amongst one another until the first pitstop where they’re claimed, and only then are they consumed and applied to the account both as a spendable currency, and as a step towards the next tier.

Tomorrow, we’ll create an official Knowledge Base entry that will display these tiers in a slightly more digestible fashion for those who prefer a more literal listing. Until then, thanks for playing, and for being you!

Neox Staff