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last edited: 08/02/23

Wild Essence

Within Neox, Wild Essence’s primary function is to act as a charge modifier for the rate at which the Wilderness Emblems gain charge. If you have Wild Essence in your inventory when you’re in the wilderness and doing activities that generate charge, the charge rate will be increased as the dust is consumed; this increase is printed as a (bonus) value.

Currently, Wild Essence may only be acquired as a drop from the Donation Mystery Box.


Wild Essence | F.A.Q

Can I trade Wild Essence with another player?

Wild Essence is not a tradeable item, which means it also cannot be posted on the Grand Exchange.

What happens if I die with Wild Essence in my inventory?

Wild Essence is treated as an untradeable in that it will be converted to an approximate coin value on your death. The dust is lost.