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The Lunar Clan

The Lunar Clan questline is the prerequisite requirement to unlocking Lunar Magics. Throughout the questline, players will be required to navigate the Lunar Isle, interact with a variety of different inhabitants of the isle, fight islemonsters, craft an assortment of items, and eventually fight a boss. Upon completion of the quest, players will have the option to repeatedly fight the final boss and claim the chest alongside unlocking access the Lunar spells. This guideline will serve as a step-by-step outline of the most efficient way to completing The Lunar Clan quest found within Neox.

Table of Contents

The Lunar Clan Quest Overview - Quest requirements, suggestions, and prerequisites.
Getting Started - The necessary first steps before starting the quest.
Lunar Isle - Navigating the Lunar isle to initiate the quest.
Meeting the Oneiromancer - Initiating the questline.
Gathering Required Items - Crafting the armor, carving the staff, and mixing the potion.
The Ceremony - Initiating the ceremony.
Defeat: Me - Defeating the quest boss.
Claim Reward and Lunar Unlock - Claiming the reward chest and unlocking Lunar magic spells.

The Lunar Clan Quest Overview

The following will outline the required items, prerequisite tasks/challenges, recommended stats and items to bring along, and any other relevant information. This is more to serve as a checklist before beginning the Lunar Clan quest!

Required Items

Required Tasks/Challenges/Levels


The Lunar Clan Steps

Getting Started

When first attempting to switch to Lunar magics using the Neox Altar located at home, the player will be informed that they are unable to switch until they’ve completed the “The Lunar Clan” achievement.

Clicking on the task itself will inform the player that they must have completed the “Fremennik Tourist” task and the “Fremennik Citizen” task. Neither of these tasks take a particularly long time, so if the player hasn’t already finished these before starting this quest, then it’s advised they go and complete them now (alongside the Lumbridge Tourist task, as it’ll be relevant later).


The easiest way to viewing the necessary tasks and completing them is to click the achievement title itself within the “Tasks & Achievements” tab, or by navigating to the Neox Tasks interface and using the navigation on the right to select the specific region. Members who’ve not completed these required Achievements will not be able to proceed any further during the quest.

Lunar Isle

The fastest way to Lunar Isle to officially begin the quest is through using the Neox teleport interface found at home. By clicking on the portal itself, navigating to the “Misc” tab, and then clicking on “Lunar Isle”, players will be teleported directly to entrance of the city. Players should be cautious, because although everything within the city is friendly, the monsters (Suqah) found outside will attack players on sight. It is advised players bring appropriate combat gear with them before heading to Lunar Isle.

Meeting the Oneiromancer

Upon arriving at Lunar Isle, players should look to navigate towards the Astral Altar located on the South-Eastern side of the isle. Running there, players will encounter the Suqah, which are the hostile natives of the isle. For now, they can be ignored, eventually players will be fighting these monsters.


The Oneiromancer can be found wandering around close to the Astral Altar. Talking with the Oneiromancer will begin the quest. It is advised that players explore through the dialogue options to familiarize themselves with the context of the questline, but not necessary as means to complete the quest if the rest of the steps are already known and completed in sequence. In short, the Oneiromancer will have the player complete the following tasks;

Craft full Lunar Armour.

Doing this will require 9x Suqah hides, a needle, and thread.

Carve a Lunar Staff.

This will require a Dramen staff (through completing the Lumbridge Tourist achievement).

Mix a Waking Potion.

This will require 5 herblore to clean the herbs (if cleaning yourself), 1x guam leaf, 1x marrentill, 1x crushed Suqah Tooth, and 1x vial of water.

Start the Ritual.

This will require a tinderbox and all of the aforementioned tasks to be completed.

The steps for each of these processes will be gone through in the next chapter.

Gathering Required Items

The quest requires several items to be crafted, forged, or mixed up, and can be done so primarily by accessing different regions of the isle. In order to proceed beyond this point of the quest, players are required to have completed the “Lumbridge Tourist” achievement for access to a Dramen Staff which will later be converted into a Lunar Staff. Players are encouraged to acquire everything they need at home before proceeding as it saves a tremendous amount of time; this includes: 1-2k coins (for tanning the Suqah hides and purchasing the vial of water), thread, needle, pestle and mortar, combat armor for fighting the Suqahs (level 111), food, combat potions.

Crafting the Armor

One of the steps of the Lunar Clan quest is to craft a full set of Lunar Armor. In order to do so, the player will need to start by collecting 9 Suqah hides. Whilst fighting the monsters, it’s also encouraged players pick up the Grimy Guam Leaf, Grimy Marrentill, and Suqah Tooth from their kills as these will be used at a later step.

Once the leather has been collected, the player can bring them to Rimae Sirsalis found within the Lunar Isle city and have them tanned. Tanning the hides will cost 900 gold. From there, the player can use their needle and thread on the leather to craft each piece of the Lunar Armor. It it advised that players take note of how much they’re currently set to craft so they don’t accidentally craft too many of a specific item.


Once all pieces have been crafted, and if the player has the necessary combat stats (65 magic and 40 defence), the player can equip the full set of armor.

Carving the Staff

Carving the staff will require the player to have already completed the “Lumbridge Tourist” achievement. Doing so unlocks the option to purchase a Dramen Staff from the Taskmaster at the Neox home, which is what is used when making the Lunar Staff. Players who have not completed this achievement can click on the “Lumbridge Tourist” listing within the “Tasks & Achievements” tab to view the required tasks.

After completing this requirement, players will be able to purchased a Dramen staff from the Taskmaster located at home for 1,000 coins.

Once the Dramen staff has been acquired, the player must teleport back to Lunar Isle and use the staff on the Astral Altar to transform it into a Lunar Staff.

Mixing the Potion

After the armor and staff have been acquired, all that’s left is to mix the potion. Ideally, the player will have gathered the necessary potion ingredient during the “Crafting the Armor” step, however if not the player will be required to go back and kill Suqah to acquire the ingredients for the potion. For herbs, the player will need 1x Guam Leaf and 1x Marrentill - both of these can be found in their grimy forms as drops from the Suqah and require 5 herblore to clean them both; for crushables, the player will need 1x Crushed Suqah tooth, which can be made by crushing one of the tooths that’re dropped by the Suqah.

Once the player has acquired the herbs and tooth, they must head back into the city of the isle to acquire the specialized vile of water. Unfortunately, not any vial of water will work and they will need the specific sold by Melana Moonlander at the general store.


When all of the ingredients for the potion have been collected, the player can combine them in traditional potion format to create the Waking Sleep potion. The player must wait until the beginning of the ceremony to drink the potion. DO NOT drink the potion until the ceremony has been started.

The Ceremony

Equipping the Lunar Armor and Lunar Staff, the player must now use their tinderbox to light the Ceremonial Brazier located in the City’s main hall. Once the brazier has been lit, the player can consume the Waking Sleep potion will they will then be teleported into the boss fight. Before consuming the potion, it is advised the players have the following items within their inventory:

Runes for high level attack magic, extra food, and combat potions (if attempting to melee fight the boss).

Defeat: Me

Me is the final combat encounter for the Lunar Clan questline and also the final boss. Me is a level 79 combat wizard who will attack with staff bashes and Earth Blast magic attacks that are more potent than traditional player Earth Blasts. Despite their higher combat level, they are extremely weak. It is advised that players use combat magic to attack back as Me is extremely susceptible to combat magic and the staff (being the only weapon you’re allowed to use during the encounter) has low attack stats. It is, however, possible for players to defeat Me using staff bashes, though not ideal. Players should be praying anti-magic during this fight if it is available to them.

After defeating Me, the screen will fade to black and the player will return to Lunar Isle where they will be prompted to claim the reward from the chest.

It is worth nothing that this fight is farmable. Should the player wish to fight Me again and claim the reward chest repeatedly, it is advised they stock up on potion ingredients as the potion itself acts as the activation key for the fight.

Claiming the Reward and Unlocking Lunar Spells

Once Me has been slain, the player will be teleported out of the instance and will be able to claim the reward chest. The prizes from the chest can vary from an assortment of herblore supplies, to astral runes, to pure essence.


From here, the player can return to the Oneiromancer and finish the quest through her dialogue. Following completion of this quest, the player will receive a custom title accessible through Makeover Mage at home and gain access to Lunar Magics.


And with that, you’ve finished the custom Neox Lunar Clan quest! Congratulations!