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last edited: 07/10/23

Supply Crates

One of the more recently added systems, Neox Supply Crates are the source of a set of unique, consumable items that allow for players to train their skills whilst receiving Neox Dust. The crates themselves are currently obtainable as a reward from the Mystery Boxes found throughout Neox, or from being purchased at the Dust Exchange and range from small to huge with each higher tier offering more of the selectable supply consumable. Members who use these boxes will be prompted upon clicking the “Search” option to select one of the listed options and will receive a fixed amount of whatever they select. Supply Crates are an untradable item and as such inherit the same properties as untradable items when it comes to player death (they will not be lost).


Supply Contents

When searching a Neox Supply Crate, members will be prompted to make a selection within an interface of which supply they wish to receive; the options currently include Bars, Logs, Leather, Herbs, Meat, or Essence. Crates of a higher tier will provide increased increments of the selected supply. Once the member has clicked on which supply they wish to receive, the items will be automatically deposited in their inventory. Members will be required to have at least one free inventory space to select a supply option. Items found within the crates are untradable.

Using Supplies

After a supply has been selected and subsequently deposited, the member is then free to use the supply consumable as desired and with the required skilling action. Using one of the supplies will grant experience in their respective skill alongside converting the supply into Neox Dust. The supply consumable is slowly consumed and grants a substantial amount of experience, making this both an incredibly effective and passive approach to leveling skills. Experience is scaled with selected account difficulty.


Neox Supply Crate | F.A.Q

How do I acquire Supply Crates?

Currently, supply crates can be received as rolls from the Mystery Box or purchased from the Dust Exchange.

Can I trade Supply Crates with other Neox members?

Supply Crates are untradable and therefore cannot be traded nor posted on the Grand Exchange.

What happens if I die with a Supply Crate in my inventory?

The supply crate will be kept upon death and can be reclaimed from Death.

I clicked the wrong supply option in the interface, can I go back or swap items?

At the moment there is no way to undo a selection. Click carefully!

Can I trade Supply Crate supplies with other Neox members?

Much like the Supply Crates themselves, the items found within are untradable.